Graduate Development Programme

Sharing by Our Graduates

Since joining the Graduate Trainee Programme, I have been assigned to various departments such as Operations where I participated in the preparation work and launch of South Island Line; and project bidding in Sydney. Every rotation is a valuable learning experience that helps pave the way to a successful and fulfilling career. I am proud to be with MTR and looking forward to growing with this family in the many more years to come!

Matthew Cheung
2016 Graduate Trainee

Being a Graduate Engineer in MTR, there are many opportunities for us to explore our own potential from various job attachments and overseas training. As I used to be an athlete of Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Team, I could switch to a new identity by applying sportsmanship to my work in MTR. Although this programme is challenging, it is indispensable for me to grow to be a professional and all-round engineer.

Olivia Yu
2016 Graduate Engineer

Publishing press release, engaging with media and coordinating media events such as media briefings and interviews in my first rotation in Corporate Relations Department have all been exciting and fresh experiences for me. I am thankful for such ample opportunities to enrich my exposure in media relationship management and crisis management.

Stephanie Wong
2017 Corporate Affairs Associate

From day one, I am afforded the opportunity to understand the city's property landscape from an unrivaled position. Yet, MTR's commitment to its young talent means that I am not restricted to my specialization. In fact, my rewarding experience working on a cross-functional initiative alongside senior managers is a testament of the Corporation's will to shape its future leaders.

Lavinia Fung
2017 Property Associate

Continuous learning is what signifies my experience at MTR so far. Through job rotations within the Human Resources spectrum, I have been able to learn something new about the business every day - through the lens of its people. It is fulfilling to be able to influence aspects of the organisation and to play a part in the development of our staff. I look forward to embracing more learning opportunities which would lay the foundation for my professional career at MTR.

Jennifer Ko
HR Officer-Talent Management
2015 Human Resources Associate

The remarkable part of the Property Associate programme is its diverse job nature. During my rotations, I gained exposure to early planning and design work as well as frontline experience of meeting our residents and shoppers. Currently, I am working on sales and marketing of the residential project, Wings at Sea at LOHAS Park. Dynamic experiences make my journey at MTR lively and rewarding.

Anthony So
Property Development Surveyor I
2013 Property Associate

A career at MTR is never short of surprises if you aspire yourself to take up the challenges. With the company expanding its business both locally and globally, there are abundant opportunities for those who wish to grow together with the MTR family. From station retail in Hong Kong to business development in Stockholm, I have been truly privileged to develop my career through cross-functional rotations as well as continuous coaching and support from senior management. I look forward to more exciting journeys at MTR all over the world!

Margaret Fung
Business Development Manager
2009 Graduate Trainee

Steep learning curve has been the signature of every rotation experienced since I joined MTR. Cross-functional exposure has been eye opening, and laid down the foundation and breadth required for career advancement within the Corporation. Venturing into the railway industry, MTR has devoted ample resources to build the professional knowledge required while taking up challenging posts such as participating in railway franchise bids in the UK and managing various stations operations in Hong Kong has fostered my managerial competencies.

Elizabeth Yeung
Business Improvement Manager
2009 Graduate Trainee

My MTR journey is fruitful and rewarding. The well-structured Graduate Engineer and Executive Associate Programmes have prepared me with the technical and management skills for challenges. I was seconded to overseas to help building the new Sydney Metro; it has been an eye-opening experience and a dream-come-true to me. I am grateful to have a professional and supportive Engineering Supervisor and Talent Management team guided me along my MTR journey. I feel accomplished and satisfied being able to improve the railway that serves the community.

Connie Wong
Senior Engineer-System Interface
2008 Graduate Engineer

It is truly a privilege to work in an organization that serves almost everyone in the community. As a Graduate Trainee, I was able to make a difference by leading the development of MTR Mobile apps. While as an Executive Associate, I was seconded to European Office for 1.5 years to drive the development of iSafety app as well as to support various bids in UK. My new role in corporate strategy team is equally exciting as it involves exploring ways to facilitate innovation culture in the Corporation. I look forward to more adventures to come with this great company!

Bosco Leung
Senior Corporate Strategy Manager
2008 Graduate Trainee

Learning and development has never stopped since I joined MTR. In the past years, I have been assigned to different challenging job postings including Stockholm Metro and Ngong Ping 360. Not only was I able to apply my skills and knowledge developed in MTR Hong Kong to help excel the operational performance of our subsidiaries, I also widened my horizons by learning from the best practices outside of Hong Kong. I enjoy working at MTR where I can develop my professional career and make contributions to the society that we serve.

Jeff Chan
Engineering Planning Manager
2001 Graduate Engineer

I thought it was simply an engineering career. It turns out to be a continuous growth of myself together with MTR for 20 years. Started as a graduate engineer in depot and now as a Department Head for a frontline function, it is always my pride to be part of MTR that keeps millions of Hong Kong people moving every day.

Lu Wong
Head of Infrastructure Works
1997 Graduate Engineer