Hangzhou Metro Line 1

Hangzhou Metro Line 1 (HZL1) is operated by Hangzhou MTR Corporation Limited (HZMTR), a joint venture of MTR Corporation (49% shareholding) and Hangzhou Metro Group Company Limited.

On 28 September 2012, HZMTR signed a Public-Private Partnership Concession Agreement with the Hangzhou Municipal Government for HZL1, and HZMTR is responsible for providing the electrical and mechanical systems and rolling stock for HZL1. The concession period is 25 years and revenue operation commenced on 24 November 2012. With the passenger service commencement of the 3-station extension on 24 November 2015, HZL1 has a route length of 53.6 km with a total of 34 stations.

For more information about HZL1 and HZMTR, please visit http://www.mtrhz.com.cn.