Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line)

Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line) is operated by MTR Corporation (Shenzhen) Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation.

MTR Corporation (Shenzhen) Limited was established on 1 March 2004 following the award of the Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (SZL4) project. It operates SZL4 under a concession agreement, being responsible for the investment and construction of SZL4 Phase 2 as well as operation for the combined SZL4 Phase 1 and Phase 2 for a period of 30 years starting 16 June 2011. Phase 1, which has 5 stations and is 4.5km long, was taken over from Shenzhen Metro on 1 July 2010, and Phase 2, with 10 stations and 16km in length, commenced operation on 16 June 2011. The total route length of SZL4 is 20.5km.

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