Railway Protection

Effects of Adjacent Works to Railway

Underground Tunnels/Installations and At-grade Tracks/Structures.

Construction Work

  • Pile Installation
  • Shaft Excavation
  • Diaphragm Wall
  • Bulk Excavation
  • Blasting
  • Coring / Drilling
  • Grouting

Direct damage, excessive displacement, excessive vibration, excessive stress, etc.

Viaducts, Overhead Power Cables and At-grade Structures

Construction Work

  • High Level Works
  • Material Storage
  • Vehicle Movement / Parking

Objects falling onto tracks / OHL, fire and flood hazards, structural damage due to direct vehicle / ship collision etc.

Immersed Tube

Construction Work

  • Ship Anchoring
  • Dredging
  • Reclamation

Direct damage, excessive displacement, excessive stress, etc