Network Improvements

New Subways and Station Entrances/Exits

Central Station Club Street Subway

Location of Club Street Subway

Location of Club Street Subway.
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Project Description

To enhance the accessibility of MTR Central Station to the vicinity of the Club Street, the 'Club Street Subway' is being constructed at Central Station.

The new subway, comprising a new 18m-long subway ran below Club Street and a 35m-long passageway modified from part of the existing plant room near Central Station Entrance/Exit J3, will provide a direct and weatherproof linkage between MTR Central Station and the future No. 3 Connaught Road Central Redevelopment (former Ritz Carlton Hotel). The public can use the lifts and escalators within the redevelopment to access the street level.

The construction of 'Central Station Club Street Subway' commenced in early 2010 and is expected to open for public use by 2013. Subway construction and station modification works are in progress.