Octopus Access Control System


MTR launched the Octopus Card in 1997. Since then, the "Touch and Go" Octopus Card has become so popular in Hong Kong that over 13 million Octopus cards are being actively used by the territory's 7 million people. Manufactured by Sony, Octopus Card is widely accepted not only by the different modes of public transportation, but also convenient stores and supermarkets as well as fast food restaurants.

To help in developing a revolutionary and total-solution smart card service, MTR Property Management pioneered in the use of Octopus Cards for access control and management of payment services. The Octopus Card offers a variety of exclusive services that are both user-friendly and hassle-free. We also provide card-front designs to tailor to your needs and enhance your brand individuality.

Campus Management System

Campus Management System provides services in campus door/ gate access control, time attendance, campus payment, and library management systems in helping to improve the administration and management of school campus facilities.

Entrance Pass - Octopus Tower Access Control System

Homeowners are no longer required to memorize access codes to enter their building. Unlike other smart cards, the Octopus Card itself stores no personal data. With MTR Octopus Tower Access Control System, only prestigious authorized members would be able to access the tower and enjoy the facilities and services. Trespassing is eliminated which guarantees a maximum level of security.

Entrance Pass - Octopus Door Access System


Octopus technology offers your employees a better alternative to traditional electronic staff cards with greater benefits and convenience. Octopus System records pre-set instructions and allows selected entry into highly restricted areas. In addition, the System documents every entry and exit log within a computer network for easy management reference. The Octopus Card itself runs on its own unique PIN code, and all data is saved within the network instead of stored in a smart card, thus privacy and confidentiality is further enhanced. The System is ideal for office, warehouse, and godown management.

Octopus Lift / Floor Access System


All you have to do is to place your Octopus Card onto the reader and the elevator will take you to the level you work or live. With our latest Octopus technology, state-of-the-art services previously only available at the presidential suite of five-star hotels now offer wider choices.

Given the multi-functions of the Octopus Card, you can control access to your home, e-money payments when shopping, pay carpark fees and use on public transport. Life is more enjoyable with the Octopus Card.

Octopus Time Attendance Management System


The Octopus Card is a wonderful staff management tool. Technically sophisticated but easy to use, the Octopus streamlines the timekeeping effort and logs all entry and exit times of your staff, correctly documenting workplace time logs. The Time Attendance Control System allows you to track all shifts and employee time records, leave applications and leave records. Complete and accurate reports guarantee efficient human resources management monitoring.

Octopus Carpark Control System


The Octopus System offers a unique solution for both monthly and hourly parking management. The days of multiple parking cards are now over.

The Octopus System is ideal for using at hourly parking lots. It eliminates wasteful paper tickets and time-consuming queuing for payment at the Shroff Office. Carparking fees are debited from your Octopus Card directly. Other customer-friendly options include printed receipts and special parking privileges at shopping malls.

The burdens of renewing cards, after-sales services and recruiting extra manpower for cashiers are no longer necessary.

Octopus Clubhouse Booking and Payment System


The Octopus System makes security easier, even at leisure.

With the Clubhouse Control System, only prestigious and authorized residents can utilize and enjoy the clubhouse facilities and services. Trespassers are strictly kept away to safeguard security and privacy. State-of-the-art booking and payment facilities add an extra convenience and you no longer have to worry about booking delay or cash settlements.

Prestigious Clientele of MTR Octopus Access Control System


It is an honour to serve a prestigious list of well-known clients including: -

  • Two International Finance Centre
  • Admiralty Centre
  • Bellagio
  • Bel - Air at Cyberport
  • Grand Excelsior
  • Hillsgrove
  • Lions Rise
  • Hysan Place
  • OPUS Hong Kong
  • Tung Chung Crescent
  • Tierra Verde
  • New Heaven
  • The Waterfront
  • Island Harbourview
  • Central Park
  • Vantage Park
  • Sorrento
  • Hopewell Centre

Adding value for our customers, is and will always be our first priority.

We aim to be innovative and build more applications to our Card's user-friendly features, whether it be in service payments, access requirements, record keeping or other commercial needs.Prestigious Clientele of MTR Octopus Access Control System