Kowloon Station

The Waterfront

Residential GFA:Approx. 147,500 sq.m.

No. of Flats:Approx. 1,280

No. of Towers:6



Residential GFA:Approx. 210,300 sq.m.

No. of Flats:Approx. 2,120

No. of Towers:5

Completion:By phases from 2002 to 2003

The Arch

Residential GFA:Approx. 100,000 sq.m.

No. of Flats:Approx. 1,050

No. of Towers:2


The Harbourside

Residential GFA:Approx. 128,800 sq.m.

No. of Flats:Approx. 1,120

No. of Towers:3



Commercial GFA:Approx. 82,700 sq.m.

Completion:By phases from 2006 to 2010

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Harbourview Place
W Hotel

Name of Residential Property:Cullinan

GFA:Approx. 93,700 sq.m.

No. of Flats:Approx. 820

No. of Towers:2

Name of Hotel:W Hotel
Harbourview Place

Hotel GFA:Approx. 53,200 sq.m.

No. of Rooms:Approx. 660


International Commerce Centre
Ritz Carlton Hotel

Name of Office Property:International Commerce Centre

Office GFA:Approx. 231,700 sq.m.

No. of Towers:1

Name of Hotel:Ritz Carlton Hotel

Hotel GFA:Approx. 41,700 sq.m.

No. of Rooms:Approx. 310

Completion:By phases from 2007 to 2010

Park-and-Ride car parking spaces are provided at the station.