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MTR Stockholm (MTRS), a wholly-owned subsidiary established in 2009, has operated the metro system in Sweden’s capital city since November 2009. According to our Operations & Maintenance franchise with Stockholm’s public transport agency, AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), we have total responsibility for our passengers’ entire metro travelling experience. This includes railway operations, stations, in-station services, and engineering of rail system related projects and infrastructure. Fleet maintenance is handled by TBT, which is a joint venture between MTRS and Norway’s leading train maintenance company, Mantena.

Stockholm’s population is increasing at the rate of 40,000 residents per year, making it one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. In order to satisfy the transportation demands of this dynamic and expanding city, we are committed under the terms of our operating franchise to achieve high standards for safety, punctuality, cleanliness and customer service. We also work closely with SL to procure new technology for upgrading the metro system and to receive regular feedback on our performance.

Swedish Quality Award

In 2014, MTRS was awarded the 2014 Swedish Quality Award by the Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ) for demonstrating a long-term, systematic approach to implementing improvements. We are delighted to receive this recognition, and we aspire to continue contributing to the sustainability of Stockholm’s public transportation system in the future.

Vision for the Future

We believe that significant investment is required to expand and improve Stockholm’s public transport system. In partnership with Skanska and Sweco, two Sweden-based multinational companies, we are working on a 60-year sustainable development plan for Stockholm and aspire to play a key role in making this plan a reality in future.

Key Facts and Figures about MTRS in 2014

Number of Passenger Trips (Million)

2013 2014

Composition of our Workforce

Age (Years)
Below 30 30–49 50 and above Total
Female 172 331 236 739
Male 270 798 712 1,780
Total 442 1,129 948 2,519

Total Electricity Consumption (MWh)

2013 2014

Incidence of Legal Non-compliance

Charitable Contributions


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Stockholm 2070 is our sustainable development plan for Stockholm formulated in partnership with Skanska and Sweco.


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For more information about sustainability at MTRS, please refer to the MTRS and TBT sustainability report.


Management Highlights

MTRS is making significant progress in several key aspects of our business. Perhaps most importantly, feedback from our customers regarding overall journey experiences continues to improve. As a result of focused management attention, we are achieving better cross-functional coordination between teams within our own organisation and with TBT, the jointly-owned subsidiary responsible for fleet maintenance. In 2014, we were deeply gratified to learn through the results of our annual staff survey that staff morale is improving, which we can attribute to enhanced staff engagement, coaching and counselling initiatives that were introduced in 2013.

Safety Performance

Each year, MTRS develops a comprehensive safety plan with targets for key performance indicators based on the previous year’s result. During 2014, there was one fatality involving a passenger who fell into the track area during an altercation with another passenger.

Safety Performance for MTRS

Passenger and Public - Fatality

2013 2014

Staff - Fatality

2013 2014

Contractor - Fatality

2013 2014

Passenger and Public - No. of injuries per million passenger journeys

2013 2014

Staff - Lost time injuries per 100,000 man-hour

2013 2014

Suicide Prevention

Two of the key safety challenges that we face are to prevent and to respond to suicide attempts on our railway network, particularly during winter months when the overall trend for suicide increases. In response to these challenges, we are implementing a programme for suicide prevention with Karolinska University Hospital. In partnership with not-for-profit organisation SOS Alarm, we also strive to save precious minutes in the event of an emergency by maintaining direct contact with ambulance services.

Ensuring Security

The security of all passengers travelling on our trains and passing through our stations is a high priority for MTRS. According to a report released by Foundation Safer Sweden and Securitas AB in 2012, approximately 60 per cent of crime in Stockholm takes place either inside the metro system or within 500 metres of a metro station. In response to this statistic, we formed a unique partnership with the Tryggare Sverige Foundation to promote security within our stations and surrounding areas.

Operational Performance

MTRS has stringent targets for train service delivery — 100 per cent of scheduled train services should operate, and at least 95.5 per cent of trains should arrive on time. We also closely monitor the level of customer satisfaction with our services and the quality of passenger information that we provide.

In 2014, we achieved the best performance for train punctuality in the 60-year history of Stockholm’s metro system. As a result of additional measures implemented throughout the year, such as a new analysis tool and cross-functional approach to quality control, we also achieved our target for punctuality for the first time since 2009. Looking to the future, one of the biggest operational challenges that we face is how to cope with increasing congestion on our platforms and trains due to growing demand for our services.

Operational Performance for MTRS

Passenger journeys on timeNot available
Train punctuality96.1%
Train reliability50,783 revenue car-km/incident
Train service delivery99.0%

Engaging with our Staff

MTRS fosters an open and caring culture among all staff. During 2014, we continued to roll out the Our Joint Journey initiative that was launched in 2013, involving structured dialogue with over 560 staff about what each individual and the organisation as a whole can do to promote better job satisfaction and stronger commitment to our vision of becoming a world-class railway service.

Total Employees

2013 2014

Voluntary Staff Turnover (%)

2013 2014

Training Days per Employee

2013 2014

Leader in Green Transportation

The Stockholm Metro is unique among our subsidiaries and associates because it is powered 100 per cent by renewable electricity generated from water and wind. This means that our railway operations in Stockholm produce nearly zero greenhouse gas emissions and can truly be described as the greenest mode of transport.

Environmental Impacts from MTRS

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Tonnes CO2e)

2013 2014
Scope 127281
Scope 24-