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Community Investment

We aim to leverage our resources to contribute to a better quality of life for members of our society.

Our community investment work is focused on:

  • Youth development: contributing to the development of the next generation of Hong Kong through mentorship programmes, training and on-the-job experiences, equipping them to meet future challenges
  • Art: supporting the development and appreciation of arts to improve our quality of life and encourage creative thinking
  • Green and Healthy Living : encouraging the public to act in an environmentally-responsible manner and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Safety: promoting and increasing awareness of safe and courteous journeys for our customers and a providing a safe environment for the public, staff, and our contractors.

Please refer to Community Engagement for an overview of activities supported by our Projects, Property and Operations Divisions.

Youth Programmes

Young people are future leaders of the community. Investing in them today is integral to building and sustaining our communities for the long term. Our goal is to empower young people with skills, motivation, perspectives and opportunities to create a secure future for themselves and their communities. Bringing members of our staff along on the journey to turn that goal into reality is also important; in 2014, over 800 staff members participated in a series of seminars and movie screenings to learn more about the dynamism and outlook of our youngest community members.


Community Investment Programmes

Friend for Life’s Journeys and Train for Life’s Journeys

We aim to empower young people by providing opportunities for students from secondary schools to broaden their horizons and empower them with life skills through our Train for Life’s Journeys and Friend for Life’s Journeys programmes. In 2014, these programmes reached over 220 students from 63 schools in Hong Kong.

Customer Service Internships

In 2014, our Customer Service Ambassador Internship programme, now in its sixth year, offered job experience opportunities to 200 students from five tertiary institutions. The programme offers participants the opportunity to gain practical customer service knowledge and strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills.

Activities for Primary and Secondary School Students

For the fifth year running, the Student Quality Circle programme saw staff members from across the organisation sharing our Work Improvement Team concept with primary school students. We also continued our collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council, holding six workshops, mock job interview sessions and company visits for secondary school students.

Opportunities for University Students with Disabilities

In support of the Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme championed by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and local universities to provide summer internship opportunities for university students with disabilities or special educational needs. In recognition of our initiatives in 2013–14, the Company received the Talent-Wise Employment Charter – Outstanding Inclusive Organisation Award in September 2014 for promoting and implementing measures for employment of persons with disabilities.


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More information about our youth programmes is available on our customer website.


Art in MTR

Whether produced by internationally acclaimed artists or local school children, we believe that art is an integral component in the heritage, history and identities of communities. Now in its sixteenth year, the Art in MTR initiative aims to enhance passengers’ life journeys - as well as their daily travelling experiences - by providing inspiration from artwork on display throughout our railway network. All year round, we continue to support aspiring local artists to showcase their talent at the arttube, our permanent mini gallery located at Central Station. At stations across our network, we hosted regular, temporary exhibitions of two- and three-dimensional artworks under the roving art programme.

Marking our 35th Anniversary, in June 2014 we showcased the evolution of MTR tickets and specially-designed tickets commemorating important occasions at an arttube exhibition, MTR Ticket Collection - 35 Years of Tickets to Ride, in Central Station. In addition to hosting live performances every Friday evening at our venue in Hong Kong Station under the living art programme, during 2014 the MTR network continued to be enriched by 53 community art galleries and 59 art in station architecture installations, including new installations in stations on the Island Line Extension to Western District.


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To download a copy of our short guide to Art in MTR, and to learn more about any of our Art in MTR initiatives, please refer to more information on our customer website.


Did you know...


In 2012, we issued an open invitation for proposal of original artwork to decorate the network expansion projects that were under construction at that time. The winning proposal for the Island Line Extension to Western District, Blooming Bud, is now on permanent display in Kennedy Town Station and is the largest example of community artwork in the MTR network.


Fundraising and Donations

Staff members’ active participation in volunteering and fundraising activities is an important part of our corporate culture. In 2014, our staff raised over HK$274,000 for donation to various worthy causes.

MTR HONG KONG Race Walking 2014, a community health and charity event that has been held every year since 2005, was cancelled after an assessment of public activities on the street taking place in Hong Kong along the race circuit and in its vicinity. We donated HK$10 million to the Hospital Authority Health InfoWorld from our own resources to express our appreciation to the public for their support of the event and for their support of MTR during this challenging period. Our staff donated an additional HK$35,000 to the Hospital Authority and other participating organisations contributed HK$950,000.

We contribute to the development of a vibrant civil society by offering non-profit organisations advertising space in stations across our network, encouraging them to raise awareness about important issues affecting society and promoting their work. In 2014, we offered space to over 49 organisations supporting causes ranging from community volunteering to elderly care services.


Big ideas for small spaces


Innovative and environmentally-friendly design solutions for small living spaces created by Hong Kong students were in the spotlight at a roving art exhibition, which was hosted in Sheung Wan and Tiu Keng Leng stations between June and September 2014. Entitled Social Innovation Inventor - Competition for Innovative Design, the exhibition featured prize-winning and shortlisted designs submitted by secondary and tertiary students for a multi-purpose bed to improve living conditions in sub-divided flats. The 13 designs on display incorporated a range of creative ideas to enhance energy saving, improve ventilation and provide smart storage options.