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About MTR

Hong Kong Transport Operations

In Hong Kong, we operate an urban mass transit railway system with 10 heavy rail lines and a Light Rail system. The heavy rail network comprises domestic and cross-boundary services and a dedicated Airport Express Line. We also provide intercity services to and from the Mainland of China as well as a small feeder bus service in Hong Kong.

The following map provides an overview of these services.

Hong Kong Rail Network

Hong Kong Rail Network

Please click on each service category to access more information from our customer website.

Domestic Services refer to nine main commuter lines: Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island, Tung Chung, Tseung Kwan O, East Rail, West Rail, Ma On Shan and Disneyland Resort lines.

Cross-boundary Service refers to our service running to/from Hong Kong and Shenzhen via Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau on the East Rail Line.

Airport Express refers to the direct service linking Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Station in the Central business hub.

Light Rail and Bus refers to the Light Rail network in the northwestern New Territories and feeder bus services to/from many MTR stations in the New Territories.

Intercity refers to three through train routes to/from cities in the Mainland of China, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.


Our railway operations in Hong Kong are among the most intensively used in the world, and are well regarded for their safety, efficiency and reliability. Please refer to Safety, Environment and Customers to read more.

Since 2006, our share of total franchised public transport boardings in Hong Kong has increased year on year and now exceeds 48 per cent.

Four new lines are currently under construction which, in addition to the Island Line Extension to Western District that was opened in 2014, will expand the capacity of our rail network in Hong Kong to meet the future transportation needs of the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Station Commercial Business

To make the most of our railway assets, we operate related businesses such as leasing station retail space, advertising in trains and stations, and fixed and mobile telecommunications services.

As at 31 December 2014, there were 1,350 station shops covering 55,696 square metres of retail space. Due to the construction works for the Shatin to Central Link in a part of Hung Hom Station, the total shop area was marginally lower than in 2013.


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More information about MTR Shops and Malls is available on our customer website.


Hong Kong Property Business

In Hong Kong, we work with leading property developers to build properties above or near our stations. We have a portfolio of investment properties comprising 13 shopping malls and 41,006 square metres of office space.

The Company also manages a portfolio of residential properties, office space and commercial space. As of the end of 2014, we had 91,434 residential units, including Century Gateway II which opened in October 2014, and 763,018 square metres of commercial and office space under management.

A number of new property development projects were initiated in 2014 involving approximately 10,000 residential units to support the community’s housing needs. More details of these projects are available in 2015 and Beyond.


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More information about MTR Properties is available on our corporate website.


Other Businesses

We are engaged in other businesses in Hong Kong which are outside the scope of this report, including the Ngong Ping 360 cable car service and associated theme village, and the Octopus smart card payments system.


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Please refer to separate websites for more information about Ngong Ping 360 and Octopus.


Our People

Our businesses are commonly associated with physical assets, such as rolling stock, rails and tracks, stations, depots and buildings. Ultimately, however, we depend on the strength and versatility of our workforce to design, build, operate and maintain this infrastructure, bringing it to life each day in service of our customers and communities.

The following tables show the composition of our workforce in Hong Kong, excluding temporary and part-time staff, staff of our subsidiaries and staff based in our offices in the United Kingdom.

We employ 256 people with disabilities, representing 1.6 per cent of our Hong Kong workforce (excluding TraxComm, Rugby Office, NP360, and European Business Unit).

In some business areas, particularly construction of new lines and properties, we rely extensively on contractors who work on our behalf but who are not directly employed by the Company. Please read more about working with contractors in Safety and Value Chain.