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About MTR

About MTR Corporation

MTR Corporation Limited (“the Company”) is a publicly-listed company (SEHK: 0066) headquartered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”).

In June 2000, the Hong Kong Government (“the Government”) sold a portion of its issued share capital to private investors in an Initial Public Offering. The Company’s shares were listed for trading on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in October 2000. They are also traded in the United States through an American Depositary Receipt Level 1 Programme. Today, the Hong Kong Government holds a majority (76.5 per cent) of the shareholding while private investors, including institutional and retail investors, hold the remainder.

Our primary business is the construction and operation of mass transit railway systems in Hong Kong, which carried an average of 5.46 million passengers every weekday as at the end of 2014. We also engage in the development and sale of residential and commercial properties in partnership with property developers, and operate a property management service. The success of these businesses is based on our unique Rail plus Property model, which has enabled us to be self-sustaining and to keep our fares at affordable levels.

In addition to our Hong Kong rail operations, we also have a presence in the Mainland of China, Europe and Australia where we provide operational and maintenance services directly or through joint ventures.

35 Years of Service

In 2014, we celebrated our 35th year of service to the community in Hong Kong.

Since commencing train services on 1 October 1979, we have grown from a single 8km length of track serving 280,000 passengers into a 221km network with 87 railway stations. We are recognised as one of the best passenger railway transport providers in the world and remain committed to serving our customers and the community with excellence, professionalism and a spirit of continuous improvement.

In recent years, we have also succeeded in expanding our business to other cities in the Mainland of China, Australia and Europe. In 2014, we carried nearly as many passengers on networks outside of Hong Kong as we did at home. In total, the Company and its subsidiaries and associates employ more than 31,000 people on a full-time basis, of which about 16,000 are based in Hong Kong and about 15,000 are located outside of Hong Kong.


List of Awards


Please click here to see a list of awards received by the Company.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our success spanning 35 years of providing passenger rail transport reflects our consistent and conscientious pursuit of our Vision to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service. Our Mission includes four key objectives: to strengthen our Hong Kong corporate citizen reputation, to grow and enhance our Hong Kong core businesses, to accelerate our success in the Mainland of China and internationally, and to inspire, engage and develop our staff. Throughout this report, you will find examples of how we put our Values into practice, such as Fair and Ethical Business, Corporate Culture and Responding to Challenges.

This concise statement of our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) is integral to our management approach in all areas of our business.

Vision - We aim to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service. Mission - We will Strengthen our Hong Kong corporate citizen reputation; Grow and enhance our Hong Kong core businesses; Accelerate our success in the Mainland and internationally; and Inspire, engage and develop our staff. Values - Excellent Service We anticipate, listen and respond to customer needs and provide a safe, effective and caring service. Value Creation We create profit and community goodwill through growth, effective execution, continuous improvement and innovation. Mutual Respect We work internally and externally in a collaborative environment based on trust, joint commitment and respect. Enterprising Spirit We question the status quo, proactively seek improvement and take ownership to overcome obstacles