Global Strategy

As we grow beyond Hong Kong, we must find ways to replicate the success we have enjoyed in our home market in new and different contexts. Our Human Resources Department provides comprehensive human resource services to support the business development and growth of our operations in new markets.

Tailored Approaches

In the Mainland of China, we are focusing on recruiting local talent and developing the skill sets that we need for existing operations and future expansion. We have partnered with two educational institutions - Guangzhou Institute of Railway Technology and Shenzhen No. 2 Vocational Technical School - to recruit and develop trainees.

In the more established markets of Australia and Europe, we are providing support to strong local teams that are already in place. In these regions, we are looking at ways to build on our experiences in Hong Kong to strengthen operational processes and enhance business opportunities.

Strategic Framework

Our global framework provides three clear objectives for our human resources strategy over the coming years. Since 2013, we have started to implement structured programmes in pursuit of these objectives.

Global HR Strategic Framework

Standardisation and Mobility

We are in the process of standardising our global job grade system to facilitate greater mobility of staff and to promote leadership development across the organisation. In 2015, a review committee comprising representatives from Hong Kong and our overseas hubs will be established to oversee the work of an independent remuneration consultant.

Work Improvement Team

The Work Improvement Team (WIT) concept has been adopted by subsidiaries and associates in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Melbourne and Stockholm. There are now 250 teams established outside of Hong Kong, involving more than 2,000 participants. In 2014, these teams submitted over 300 work improvement projects. In 2015, we plan to host the first Global WIT Conference to promote sharing and collaboration.

Platform for Communication

We introduced a multinational internal communication platform in January 2014 called mtrconnects to bring together staff members from our worldwide network. It provides updates about the latest developments affecting our global operations and encourages staff members to get to know each other by sharing work experiences. In its first year, the platform has attracted more than 338,000 page views and 9,900 unique visitors, achieving a global penetration rate of 37 per cent. During 2015, we plan to enhance the content of the platform and include more interactive functions.


Getting to Know a Friendly Station Manager in Stockholm

In July 2014, staff members around the world were introduced to Yosef Tlahun, Station Manager with MTRS in Stockholm. Yosef’s profile was featured on mtrconnects and provided fascinating insights into his personal approach to customer service and problem solving. “I´m trusted to use my creativity, common sense and experience,” he said. “That means that I can challenge myself and my colleagues to try new approaches, see our goal, and create the path to get there.”

Sharing his views on being part of the MTR global community, Yosef also expressed an interest to visit our operations in Hong Kong. As the relationship between headquarters and our subsidiaries grows ever closer, he may have an opportunity to do so in the future.