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Recruitment in Hong Kong

In order to meet the human resource demands of our business in the context of network expansion and workforce transitions, we are continuously looking to recruit new people who are ready to embrace challenges, demonstrate commitment to excellence, and are highly motivated to develop themselves for a rewarding career with us. We select people with good communication skills, who work well in teams, and who respond proactively in the face of rapid changes in our operating and business environments.


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For more information about recruitment opportunities in Hong Kong, please refer to our careers page.

Professional & Career Development

A variety of career choices are available for the right candidates. For example, there are opportunities with the Operations Division to serve passengers on the frontlines in our stations and on our trains, or behind the scenes maintaining rolling stock and tracks, managing safety and quality, and providing technical and engineering design services and support. There are also opportunities with the Projects Division to work on constructing network expansion projects and preparing for new railway lines.

Opportunities for Graduates

Many of our staff began their careers with us as part of a Graduate Development Programme. Through this leadership pipeline we identify and groom talented young people so that they are capable of assuming senior management positions. In 2014, we recruited 24 Graduate Engineers, 25 Functional Associates and five Graduate Trainees with prospects for succession into managerial positions in the future.

Our accelerated graduate development programmes offer trainees the opportunity to experience up to four intensive cross-functional job rotations over a two-year period in order to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience relevant to their chosen area of expertise. The objective is to identify and nurture talented young people who may one day become leaders of the Company. Through separate streams focusing on general management or professional expertise, opportunities are available in all areas of our business, including corporate management, engineering, property, human resources, inventory and materials management, corporate relations, and railway officer training.

In 2014, we also launched a new Tradesman Associate Programme, recruiting 33 people to participate in structured on-the-job training for maintenance work.


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Please refer to the careers section of our corporate website to learn more about Graduate Careers.


Apprentices and Technician Associates

In 2014, we recruited 150 Apprentices and Technician Associates to fulfil our operational requirements for the future.

Apprentice Training Scheme

Originally established in 1978 under the Apprenticeship Ordinance, our Apprentice Training Scheme has provided training to more than 1,200 young people. Under the scheme, apprentices receive systematic on-the-job training, access to technical knowledge and guidance on career development. They may also have the opportunity to attend designated Vocational Training Council programmes with a full sponsorship in order to acquire recognised academic qualifications.

In 2014, we received the Excellent Learning & Development Award from the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, and several of our recent graduates received Outstanding Apprentice/Trainee Awards from the Vocational Training Council. Many graduates go on to hold senior engineering and management positions both within our own organisation and elsewhere.

Technician Associate Scheme

We have offered a two-year training programme called the Technician Associate Scheme since 2011, which is targeted at higher diploma holders from engineering disciplines. Our Technician Associates receive a wide range of on-the-job and professional training opportunities relating to railway maintenance, including overhead lines, signalling and telecommunication systems, rolling stock and station equipment.


What kind of person works for MTR?

Although there is no “typical” MTR employee, members of our staff tend to share some common characteristics, such as respect for the trust placed in us by our customers, willingness to work harmoniously with others, enthusiasm for completing every task to a high standard, and drive to find solutions in the face of challenges. From Hong Kong to the Mainland of China, Australia and Europe, MTR people around the world have our Values in common.


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Please refer to the careers section of our corporate website to learn more about the Apprentice Training Scheme.


Length of Service

The ability of our organisation to attract and retain skilled and motivated people is reflected in the length of service of our employees. In 2014, the average length of service for full-time employees in Hong Kong was 12.8 years. As demonstrated in the chart below, half of all employees have been with us for 11 years or more, and 25 per cent have been with us for 21 years or more.

Rate of Voluntary Turnover

The rate of voluntary turnover for our staff, at 4.4 per cent in 2014, is low when compared to other employers in Hong Kong and the railway industry worldwide.