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The dedication and commitment of our staff is at the heart of MTR’s success. Their can-do attitude enables us to meet our customers’ expectations and this contributes to a corporate culture that encourages everyone to take pride in providing caring service for our customers and the community. Guided by our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV), we strive to inspire, engage and develop our staff to achieve excellence.

Please refer to About MTR for an overview of our workforce and to Performance Metrics for relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

In 2014, we were identified as one of Hong Kong’s most attractive employers, achieving the second place in a survey conducted by the Randstad Group, which is one of the world’s most established providers of human resource services. This is the second year in a row that we have been included in the top two of this survey.

Although it is gratifying to receive recognition for our achievements, as our business expands within Hong Kong and across the globe we also recognise that we are facing a number of challenges for our management of human resources. These include increasing demand for staff due to network expansion and staff movements, workforce transition, succession planning and knowledge transfer.

Management Approach


Executive Responsibility

Our Human Resources Director, a member of the Executive Directorate, oversees all matters relating to manpower resourcing, staff relations, compensation and benefits, training, organisational development, security and office administration.

Code of Conduct

Together with other corporate policies and guidelines governing the behaviour of employees, the Code of Conduct (“the Code”) underlies our success by reinforcing the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. It is a guide for staff at all levels to uphold our VMV, containing practical advice about responding to situations that may arise in our daily work. Please download a copy of the latest version of the Code.

Staff Consultation

We comply with legal obligations concerning collective bargaining and union membership in all countries and regions where we operate. In Hong Kong, we engage in meaningful and regular consultation with our staff through an established Staff Consultation Mechanism. As a result, we have successfully maintained harmonious relations with staff and implemented a number of programmes with implications for staff.

More than 800 staff members have been elected by their colleagues to serve on Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs) for handling matters of staff concern at the level of individual departments or employee groups. The Staff Consultative Council (SCC), made up of 48 elected JCC representatives and representatives from senior management, is the platform for consultation on corporate-wide affairs, including terms and conditions of employment. It is chaired by the Human Resources Director. Eight staff unions also provide additional channels to enhance communication between staff and management.


Equal Opportunity

We do not practise or tolerate any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, national or ethnic origin, family status or other personal characteristics that are protected by law. All employment activities and human resource related matters, including but not restricted to recruitment, promotions, transfers, provision of rewards and training, are based on an objective assessment of every individual’s competencies, experience, skills and qualifications.

We provide support for employment of persons with disabilities. In 2014, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and local universities to provide summer internship opportunities for 14 university students with disabilities or special educational needs. In September, we received the Talent-Wise Employment Charter - Outstanding Inclusive Organisation Award.

Work Improvement Team

The Work Improvement Team (WIT) is an activity designed to motivate staff members to apply their own initiative, innovative thinking, and organisation, planning, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Each team is formed voluntarily by four to ten members who perform the same or similar type of work. They meet at least once a month to develop work improvement projects and are supported by a facilitator.

The WIT initiative has been in place for more than 26 years. In 2014, we had more than 5,000 staff registered as WIT members, forming 920 teams and submitting 905 work improvement projects during the year. WIT is now also being implemented by subsidiaries and associates outside of Hong Kong.

Career Development

Our training programmes are designed to meet the organisation’s long-term requirements for skills and management succession. We aim to recruit the right individuals and then retain and develop them through different stages of their careers with us.