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Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is important for aligning the behaviour of our people with our Vision, Mission and Values and for creating a working environment where all members of staff are inspired, engaged and fulfilled in their roles. Although the concept of a corporate culture is difficult to define or measure, our people know what it is and often describe how powerfully it shapes their personal experience of working with us. Other sections of this report also touch on important aspects of our corporate culture:

  • Safety - Our uncompromising approach to safety has become deeply ingrained in our corporate DNA.
  • Customers - Staff volunteers on the Customer Service Support Team demonstrate how deeply committed we are to understanding and serving the needs of our customers.
  • Community - Sincere and meaningful engagement with members of the community is embedded in our approach to designing and constructing new projects.

Reflecting on our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is characterised by a relentless focus on performance excellence and dedication to providing caring service, and reflects the hard work of the people who have shaped the Company into the organisation it is today. However, we also recognise that the culture of our organisation must constantly evolve to meet the changing demands of our business and stakeholders.

Following the announcement of a delay to our Express Rail Link project and subsequent investigation by an Independent Board Committee (IBC) in the first half of 2014, we initiated a comprehensive review of our corporate culture. Please refer to enhancing corporate governance in 2014 for more information.

The review identified some areas of strength on which to build and other areas requiring improvement. Moving forward, we aspire to foster more healthy debate and constructive discussion, openness to new ideas and ownership of decision-making by team members at all levels of management. In 2015, we plan to implement workshops and seminars to strengthen our corporate culture through dialogue with staff. Each major business unit has allocated a budget to conduct VMV training activities.


Training Programmes

We invest in training programmes for our staff so that they can keep pace with changes in their professions, manage advances in technology and respond to constant evolution in our business environment.

This table outlines the main types of training and development opportunities that are available for various categories of staff.

Staff Training Programmes

Please refer to Recruitment in Hong Kong to learn about training opportunities for Graduates, Apprentices and Technician Associates.

Management Training

The Executive Continuous Learning Programme promotes effective leadership by supporting our managers to improve professional competencies and management skills. It also helps them to gain a broader perspective on business and economic issues from external speakers representing leading private and public sector organisations. The Integrated Staff Development Programme helps to develop future leaders by providing general staff and supervisors with the opportunity to gain supervisory experience and develop a network of colleagues to support them as they make progress in their careers.

Operations Training Network

The Operations Training Network is an interactive learning and sharing platform for trainers to maintain a high level of training quality. It is designed to connect training units from across all business units in Hong Kong and our Mainland of China and international network, so that ideas and strategies to improve training services can be shared and members of the network can gain access to best practices and the latest training technologies.

Safety and Customer Service Training

Training is an important aspect of our management approach to safety and customer service, with all members of our staff undergoing training that is appropriate to their area of work and level of responsibility.

Self-learning Resources

Our Learning Resource Centre provides resources for staff members to enhance their knowledge and skills using a variety of self-training and development materials. It fosters a continuous learning culture, sending out monthly learning highlights and recommendations and providing e/Mobile Learning as another flexible learning tool. To stimulate creativity, eight We Can Innovate learning videos were launched showcasing MTR innovations from various business units. These videos are accessible to all members of staff via our intranet, on TVs located in our stations, Espedia, M-board, and a discussion board on our website.

Engagement and Recognition

Consultation and Communication

We value the opinion of every member of our staff. In addition to the Staff Consultation Mechanism, we reach out through a variety of other communication channels, such as carrying out periodic staff attitude surveys to receive valuable input and feedback.

In 2014, new sections were introduced on our intranet such as CEO Messages and MTR In Focus to engage staff on corporate developments including news about progress on our railway extension projects. Forums for dialogue between executives and general managers have strengthened communication and interaction, and site visits conducted by the CEO and other executives to meet and exchange ideas with staff have helped to improve understanding about our challenges.

Motivation and Reward

In 2014, we continued to produce a series of short motivational videos called MTR People Making a Difference, featuring stories about the work of our staff. This initiative has received a very positive response. We also decided to incentivise members of staff to participate in our Staff Suggestion Scheme by offering even better rewards for ideas that lead to innovative improvements in safety, efficiency, service quality, corporate relations, cost effectiveness and technological enhancement.

We take great care to acknowledge outstanding performance by members of our staff. We have a number of award schemes in place, such as the Living Values Award Scheme, through which managers and supervisors show appreciation for staff members who exemplify our core values through their work.


MTR Grand Awards for Outstanding Contribution


Winning a Grand Award for Outstanding Contribution is the highest form of recognition for members of our staff. Nominations are open for all individuals and teams across our businesses in Hong Kong and subsidiaries outside of Hong Kong. They are submitted through department heads or local management, and the winners are selected by a cross-divisional vetting committee.

In 2014, we received 65 nominations for the Grand Awards. The winners were acknowledged at a yearly presentation ceremony in October attended by around 500 staff, including individual winners and representatives of winning teams from the Mainland of China, Australia and Europe.


Work-life Balance

We offer a range of programmes to ensure our employees lead balanced and healthy lifestyles.

Family-friendly Employment Practices

Family-friendly employment practices offer further support to our staff and their families. Marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and compassionate leave with full pay are provided for all eligible staff in Hong Kong.

Metro Recreation Club

Annual events and social activities are organised for staff and their families to get together on a casual basis. For a nominal fee, employees can join our Metro Recreation Club (MRC), and together with their families, take advantage of a range of recreational facilities, including fitness rooms, dancing rooms, tennis and badminton courts, and karaoke rooms, snooker tables and more. MRC members can also participate in various sub-clubs, interest classes, social and recreational activities such as outings and barbeques. Currently, 77 percent of our employees are MRC members.

Healthy Living Programme

We offer a range of programmes to ensure our employees lead balanced and healthy lifestyles. We integrate these activities as the 'Healthy Living Programme' (HLP), which emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness including physical, mental, intellectual and social wellness.

We reach out to our staff by organising seminars and activities on popular topics like sleeping well, raising awareness of infectious diseases, promoting workplace hygiene and minimising stress levels. To further support our employees' learning, we invite guest speakers to present to our staff and lead interactive group sessions. We also provide staff with resource materials, books, posters and health tips. Additionally, a dedicated counselling and consulting hotline staffed by professional counsellors is available to all MTR employees and their eligible dependents.

Retirement Community

We are MTR

Over the course of their working lives, many of our staff members develop strong ties with their colleagues so we understand that retirement can mark a big and sometimes difficult transition. Leading up to retirement, staff members receive personal thank-you letters from the Human Resources Director as well as helpful information and newsletters. Following retirement the We are MTR programme encourages former employees to continue to feel part of our extended family by assisting them to stay in touch with other retirees and former colleagues. Since its launch in 2013, this programme has provided support to over 840 retirees.


Reminiscing over Lunch

In August 2014, a special We are MTR lunch brought together more than 160 colleagues who were retiring during the year. The event, held under the theme of Connecting with Heart, was an opportunity to recognise the many valuable contributions made by the retirees during their service with us. At the lunch, our CEO thanked the retirees personally and said they had played a valuable role in supporting the continued development of our operations and businesses in Hong Kong and internationally over the past 35 years.


Staff Volunteering

Members of staff from all parts of our organisation are supported and encouraged to reach out to the community by volunteering their time and skills. Under our More Time Reaching the Community scheme, staff members can initiate, organise and participate in volunteer activities. In 2014, a total of 245 community projects were organised involving over 6,000 volunteers. The More Time Reaching the Community annual gathering was held in March 2014. A total of 44 awards were presented to staff volunteers in recognition of their outstanding contributions.


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