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Value Chain


This year, for the first time we are broadening the scope of our sustainability report to provide a more complete picture of the many ways in which we create value for our stakeholders and society at large. Whether it is through working closely with suppliers or enabling the growth of small businesses through our station retail network, we strive to maximise the Company’s contribution to society by working with stakeholders outside of the organisation, in line with our policy on corporate responsibility.

What is a Value Chain?

A value chain is a set of activities performed by an organisation in order to deliver products and services. It is related to the idea of evaluating each organisation as a collection of various inputs, processes and outputs.

Our Value Chain

Our value chain is complex because it encompasses a wide range of activities from planning and construction through to delivery of rail, property, retail and other services. Despite, or indeed because of, this complexity our value chain provides many opportunities to broaden, amplify and deepen the Company’s contribution to society.

MTR's Value Chain

Value chain for MTR corporation

In future, we plan to report comprehensively on all aspects of our value chain. For the time being, we are featuring particular aspects of our value chain in this section of the report to reflect the current focus of our value chain activities, including the following:

Links to Other Sections

Stakeholder engagement activities to promote corporate responsibility and sustainable practices are also covered elsewhere in this report. The following are two examples:

Financial Performance — An integral part of our Rail plus Property model involves working with the Government and property developers to create sustainable and integrated communities all across Hong Kong.

Community — We work hard to engage with communities impacted by our railway extension projects, and we also have a programme of community investment to promote social sustainability in partnership with the Government and other organisations that share our values.