Working with Partners in our Properties

MTR Malls

MTR Malls are closely integrated with MTR railway stations across our network. We design and operate them as neighbourhood malls to provide hubs for shopping and other recreational or social activities. The facilities and services offered in our malls shape the overall experience of MTR Mall patrons and have important benefits to local residents and businesses. We prioritise the needs of our stakeholders throughout the process of retail development, endeavouring to achieve an appropriate mix of MTR Mall tenants in order to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers and communities.

We engage with tenants of MTR Malls as part of our customer service quality programme. MTR Malls are also actively involved in engaging with local communities by supporting Community Care Programme events and providing space for community gatherings.

Managed Residential Estates and Offices

We engage with local communities around our residential estates and offices in various ways. Please refer to Community Engagement for information about our activities in 2014.


Partnerships to Reduce Food Waste

According to a report issued by the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong generates over 3,000 tonnes of food waste every day. MTR is a signatory of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign, and we have also joined its steering committee to support the Government and other stakeholders to relieve pressure on our city’s landfills. We strive to reduce environmental impacts from food waste in the following ways:

MTR Malls — Under our self-initiated MTR Malls Food Waste Reduction Pledge, we work with food and beverage tenants to minimise potential waste at source and to promote food-waste reduction practices in the shopping mall sector.

Managed Residential Estates — Under our Central Food Waste Recycling for Improving Estate Environment initiative, we have launched programmes to encourage residents to recycle their food waste at Heng Fa Chuen, Tierra Verde and The Capitol.


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The Food Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee formulates and oversees the implementation strategy of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign.