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Value Chain

Working with Station Retailers

At the end of 2014, we had over 1,350 outlets — known as MTR Shops — covering in excess of 55,696 square metres of retail space in stations across our railway network. MTR Shop tenants cater to our passengers’ shopping needs, providing goods such as food and beverages, gifts, beauty and wellness products, and fashion. They also provide services such as dry cleaning, shoe repair, travel agency, express mail and banking.

Optimal Trade Mix

In order to provide maximum convenience for passengers using our network, the mix of tenants in our MTR Shops is determined with reference to the Optimal Trade Mix Model, which takes into account our commercial team’s assessment of the profile of passengers utilising each station. According to the model, prospective tenants can be assigned into one of three main groups:

Core Trade — Convenience stores, cake and bakery, banking

Edible Trade — Takeaway food and beverage, confectionery and grocery shops

Retail Trade — Fashion, accessories, health and beauty, passenger services, etc

At the same time, stations in our network are classified into four groups reflecting the main purpose of customer traffic through the station:

Domestic — Varied purposes such as transport interchange and business

Leisure — Sightseeing and shopping

Residential — Daily commuting from and to home

Cross-boundary — Tourist and business travel to and from the Mainland of China

With the aid of the Optimal Trade Mix Model, our commercial team evaluates the passenger profile and geographical location of each station and introduces an appropriate mix of tenants to best suit our customers’ needs.

Support for Small Businesses

We welcome entrepreneurs and small businesses to become tenants of MTR Shops. We value their insight into Hong Kong’s local preferences, willingness to lead the market through innovation, and the caring service that they provide for our passengers. We provide assistance to support new tenants in MTR Shops, including help with interior design and advice on professional presentation.