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We aim to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service


We will:

  • Strengthen our Hong Kong corporate citizen reputation
  • Grow and enhance our Hong Kong core businesses
  • Accelerate our success in the Mainland and internationally
  • Inspire, engage and develop our staff

Excellent Service

We anticipate, listen and respond to customer needs and provide a safe, effective and caring service

Value Creation

We create profit and community goodwill through growth, effective execution, continuous improvement and innovation

Mutual Respect

We work internally and externally in a collaborative environment based on trust, joint commitment and respect

Enterprising Spirit

We question the status quo, proactively seek improvement and take ownership to overcome obstacles

MTR Corporation

We work with leading property developers to build properties above or near our stations. We also manage a portfolio of residential properties, office space and commercial space. Other businesses include rail-related consultancy, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car and associated theme village, and the Octopus card payments system.

To make the most of our railway assets, we operate related businesses such as the leasing of station retail space, advertising in trains and stations, and fixed and mobile telecommunications systems.

We operate an urban mass transit railway system with 11 heavy rail lines and a Light Rail system. The heavy rail network comprises domestic and cross-boundary services and a dedicated Airport Express link. We also provide intercity services to and from the Mainland of China as well as a small feeder bus service in Hong Kong.

We manage the design and construction of new railway extensions along with a multitude of other projects each year to upgrade and improve the operating railway network. The Kwun Tong Line Extension and South Island Line (East) were completed in 2016 and the Island Line Extension to Western District was completed in 2014. Two other projects, the Shatin to Central Link and the Express Rail Link, are still under construction. Together these five projects will increase the route length of our network in Hong Kong by 25 per cent.

Our subsidiaries and associates build, operate and maintain railway systems and provide related services in the Mainland of China, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia. In the Mainland of China, we are also involved in leasing retail space, providing estate management services and developing properties.

Our businesses in Hong Kong

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