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Our city is full of possibilities: chance encounters that become life-long friendships, social meetings that strengthen our communities, educational opportunities that lead to successful careers. What does it take to make these possibilities realities?

In Hong Kong, MTR has connected all 18 districts bringing our customers closer to their families and friends, their workplaces, their schools and places where they like to hang out. Whether they are building relationships, enhancing their knowledge or simply exploring the city, MTR connects them with our safe and reliable service.

MTR enables our customers to seize the city’s unlimited possibilities and unleash their potential, one smooth ride at a time.


This year we continue to report in two different but complementary ways to provide information to our stakeholders:

1. This Summary Report features stories from our stakeholders of places that are important to them – places that they are connected to by the MTR. There are behind-the-scenes highlights to show how we make these connections possible. To us, our mission is to connect and grow communities with caring services, in a responsible and sustainable manner.

2. The dedicated report microsite and interactive PDF provide full details about our management approaches, programmes and key performance indicators (KPIs) across a wide range of issues. You can also find additional topics, such as information about our business plans for the future.

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