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Our successes in Hong Kong and our overseas operations are only possible with our dedicated staff. As at the end of 2016, the Company and its subsidiaries have 17,639 staff in Hong Kong and 9,866 outside of Hong Kong. Our associates employed an additional 10,216 staff.

We value the views of every member of our staff. In addition to the well established Staff Consultation Mechanism, we reach out through a variety of other staff communication channels, including departmental meetings, and communication and sharing sessions, to encourage two-way communication between line management and employees.

The first global Staff Engagement Survey was conducted in November 2016 to solicit valuable feedback from staff in Hong Kong, the Mainland of China and international business hubs. The overall response rate was very high at over 94%. We are consolidating and reviewing the findings, and developing follow-up actions to respond to staff feedback, which we will discuss further in next year’s Report.



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In our overseas operations, we seek to provide support to the local team, while strengthening operational processes. Our global framework provides three clear objectives for our human resources strategy over the coming years, focusing on corporate cultural development, talent management, and human capital mobility and development. Since 2013, we have started to implement structured programmes in pursuit of these objectives.

For instance, we have established a Global Resource Pool which integrates potential resources from international subsidiaries with the Mobile Resource Team from Hong Kong and the Mainland of China. A Global Mobility Policy was also established in 2016 to facilitate global resource deployment and provide consistent relocation terms across global offices.

Currently over 140 Hong Kong staff are working on projects overseas on a full-time basis, and some staff on a travelling basis. Throughout their offshore assignments and upon their return, staff members are encouraged to share their experiences and learnings. Through these means, we are able to ensure that knowledge is shared across the globe and adapted to a local context.