Safe and Ethical Business Practices

Maintaining high standards of business ethics and integrity as we deliver safe, reliable and efficient services to our customers

Practising integrity and respectable business ethics is paramount to the Company・s continued success. To foster an ethical culture in the workplace, all staff are required to follow a Code of Conduct in their daily duty.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, the Corporate Guidebook for All Staff and Corporate Guidebook for Managers (the :Guidebooks;) lay down the requirements of the Company・s ethical practices and are basis of efforts to make the Company・s business sustainable. The documents are reviewed and updated every two years to ensure appropriateness and compliance with the law. The Company also requires all staff members to acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the relevant documents.

Staff members are also encouraged to report existing or perceived violations and malpractices. Proper procedures have already been put in place pursuant to the Whistle-blowing policy of the Company, under which staff members can raise their concerns in a safe environment and in complete confidence if they have genuine suspicions about wrongdoings.

Our :safety-first; culture reflects our commitment to achieving results in an ethical manner. In everything we do, we ensure, with absolute certainty, that safety always comes first. This focus is the single most important factor in protecting the safety of our customers, the public, contractors and our staff.

Our Corporate Safety Governance framework covers all divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates. We take a risk-based approach toward safety and hold regular corporate and divisional safety management meetings to review our processes and initiatives to ensure that we respond appropriately to and effectively manage safety risks. One of our strategic approaches to safety is engaging our stakeholders and increasing their safety awareness to help reduce risks.

In addition, in 2013, we rolled out an enhanced Corporate Strategic Safety Plan, which contains three strategic approaches: fostering a safety-first culture amongst our staff; driving continuous improvement; and engaging stakeholders. The plan enables us to meet our aspirations of being a world leader in safety performance as well as the safest public transportation option in every city where we operate.