Developing People

Nurturing an adaptive and effective workforce to meet the evolving needs of our business

Delivering on our business objectives and sustaining our growth plans would not be possible without talented and committed employees. Our colleagues are our most valuable asset and one of our most important stakeholder groups.

To maintain a workforce well equipped to support our operations and expansion, we are continuing efforts to attract the right calibre of employees, develop and nurture talent and put in place the appropriate recruitment and progression policies.

We adopt competitive, equitable and performance-motivating compensation strategies and best practices to enhance staff motivation and retention. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to promoting fairness and equity in the workplace.

We provide various staff engagement channels, e.g. Staff Consultation Mechanism, Staff Suggestion Scheme, Work Improvement Team etc., íV enabling the Corporation and staff to discuss, respond and resolve issues of concern; and encouraging staff to put forth innovative ideas.

We provide appropriate learning and development opportunities for our staff - leveraging a wide range of innovative methodologies and technologies, including mobile learning and experiential learning, to accelerate the growth of our people. We also proactively manage the retention, transfer and succession of knowledge and expertise between the older and retiring experienced staff and younger staff.