Engaging and Building Communities

Advancing societal development through initiatives that positively impact for communities

Through the construction and operation of world-class sustainable railway systems, MTR has been fostering the development of vibrant communities in Hong Kong and beyond.

Through thoughtful planning, efficient land use, and the delivery a reliable and efficient transport service, we have supported transformation of communities by making all corners of the city easily accessible. As the MTR has expanded, new communities have grown up around its tracks including properties and malls that seamlessly connect into the train network, becoming an integral part of urban lifestyle. This mobility has helped our home, Hong Kong, to become a globally-recognised hub for international trade and finance, and a multicultural gateway to Asia and the world.

Our success so far has been closely aligned with the well-being of the communities, and we recognise our responsibility in helping communities that have warmly welcomed us. Similar to the way our business addresses societal needs, through our employee volunteers and corporate support, we strive to enhance the quality of life of communities by providing our skills, expertise and resources to support initiatives that advance societal development.

Our aim is to advance the economic development of societies, improving lives in our communities through the promotion of art and culture, healthy living, safety and environmental stewardship; and, empowering others by helping them build the skills and capacity they need to succeed in a global economy.