Exercising Our Influence

Exercising our influence to foster sustainable business practices in our supply chain and with our business partners

MTR works with numerous partners to provide safe, reliable, and efficient services to our customers. The safety and quality of our trains play a key role in assuring quality customer experience for our passengers and we work closely with our rolling stock suppliers to ensure that high standards are maintained. In our property division, we work closely with architects and contractors to build and foster high-quality environments which improve the everyday experience and quality of life of the end-users and local communities.

We are firmly committed to a set of business principles and ethics that cover all aspects of our business. They begin with how we conduct our business and move through our relations with suppliers and business partners. When it comes to procurement, we introduced a Supplier Code of Practice with which all suppliers must comply. We have also integrated corporate sustainability, safety and environmental requirements throughout our procurement and contracting process. Suppliers are surveyed periodically to monitor performance against the Code. We also identify corporate responsibility issues to focus on based on the nature and the type of spend.

In addition to our ethical and behavioural framework for suppliers, our safety framework extends to our customers, partners, contractors, and anyone who legitimately enters our facilities.

Achieving our vision of being a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities requires support from our business partners íV we are garnering this support by encouraging them to maintain the highest level of sustainable and responsible business practices.