Provision of Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Designated MTR Malls (Reference No.: PQ058384)

Prequalification Invitation


Provision of Comprehensive Cleaning Services for
Designated MTR Malls
Reference No.: PQ058384



MTR Corporation Limited invites qualified companies to express their interest in tendering for the provision of comprehensive cleaning services for designated MTR Malls - PopCorn, The Lane, Telford Plaza, Paradise Mall and Citylink Plaza.

                                   Tentative Tender Invitation Date  :   January 2018

                                   Tentative Contract Award Date    :    April 2018


Interested companies should submit the following information for prequalification to Procurement & Contracts Department at 20/F., MTR Headquarters Building, Telford Plaza, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong for the attention of Ms Esther Chan on/before 2:00 pm on 8 December 2017.


Please download, complete and return “Submission of Information for Prequalification” template:-



Company profile


-   Year of establishment with supporting documents including copy of Business and Company Registration.

-   Organization chart

-   Number of Cleaners (Direct Staff)

-   Declaration of litigation cases in the past three years (if any)

-   Financial Statements for the latest 3 years



Section 1

Job reference in the past 5 years


-   Job references in the past 5 years for provision of comprehensive cleaning services for shopping malls or other commercial buildings / hotels

-     Shopping malls with gross floor area at or exceed 500,000 sq.ft.

-     Shopping malls with gross floor area below 500,000 sq.ft.

-     Commercial buildings / hotels with manpower deployment not less than 20 permanent headcounts

-     Number of Cleaners provided

-     Contract Value

-     Client’s commendation (if any)



Section 2


Strength of Contract Management Team


-   Structure of Management Team including CVs of the Key Personnel.

-   Human Resources Management Plan

-   Recruitment Criteria and Methodology

-   Training Plan and Methodology



Section 3


Strength of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management


-   Quality Management System

-   Copy of ISO 9001 (if any) or equivalent


-   Safety Management Plan

-   Copy of OHSAS 18001 (if any) or equivalent


-   Environmental Management System

-   Copy of ISO 14001 (if any) or equivalent



Section 4



Only qualified companies will be invited to tender.


Companies should not submit independent Expression of Interest for the Contract if they intend to act as a supplier, sub-contractor or sub-consultant for another company who will apply for the prequalification, or if they are a partner of a joint venture established to tender for the Contract.


Companies having linkage to each other, e.g. subsidiaries, holding or sister companies, shall not apply for prequalification as a tenderer for the same Contract, whether on their own or as a partner of a joint venture. “Sister companies” shall mean all companies which are subsidiaries of or otherwise belonging to the same holding company.  The existence of a holding-subsidiary relationship shall be determined in accordance with the provisions in Sections 13 to 15 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) of Hong Kong.  Companies having linkage to each other shall determine which company will apply for the prequalification.


All companies responding to this advertisement are deemed to have complied with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in the collection and transfer of personal data to MTR Corporation Limited.  All information submitted including personal data, will be used by MTR Corporation Limited for the prequalification of tenderers for this Contract.


For enquiries, please contact Ms Esther Chan on (852) 2993 2415 or by email to


This procurement is subject to the World Trade Organisation Agreement in Government Procurement.