Shatin To Central Link: Pre-qualification of Tenderers for Archaeological Survey for Connection to Pak Tai Street (Contract No.: 11241)



Pre-qualification of Tenderers for
Archaeological Survey for Connection to Pak Tai Street

Contract No.: 11241


Expressions of Interest are hereby invited from suitably qualified construction contractors wishing to tender for Contract No. 11241.


The Shatin to Central Link (SCL), is a government funded concession project providing a strategic rail corridor.  It comprises two sections (i) Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section which is an extension of Ma On Shan Line via East Kowloon to connect West Rail Line (WRL) at Hung Hom; and (ii) Cross Harbour Section which is an extension of the East Rail Line (EAL) at Hung Hom across Victoria Harbour to end at Admiralty.     


This invitation includes works for Contract No. 11241 – Archaeological Survey for Connection to Pak Tai Street.


Indicative key dates for Contract No. 11241 are as follows:


Tender Issue

Tender Return

Contract Award

Contract Completion

(for base scope)







1.     Contract Arrangement


Contract No.11241 will be tendered and awarded as a lump sum contract with options (containing admeasurement items where appropriate), based on the scope of Works prescribed in the Contract and in accordance with the Employer’s Conditions of Contract for Civil Engineering and Building Works Construction in relation to the Shatin to Central Link Entrustment AgreementTenderers will be required to submit a Fixed Price Offer tender. (i.e. without provision for price fluctuation adjustment).



2.     Objective and Scope of the Works


(a)    The objective of the archaeological survey (Survey) is to investigate the existence of the archaeological content at the Works Area under the Contract.  The findings of the Survey will be used for the technical feasibility study on the provision of a passenger adit to be connected to Pak Tai Street being separately undertaken by the Employer.


(b)    The proposed Survey will be carried out in stages (base scope plus options).



(c)    Archaeological excavation shall be carried out down to the cultural layer of Sung-Yuan Dynasty or sterile layer or as advised by the qualified archaeologist and in some cases subject to discussion with Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) and Railway Development Office (RDO).


(d)    Artefacts and features handling and removal are envisaged during the archaeological excavation in order to facilitate the Employer to identify a potential adit alignment.


The scope of Works includes the provision of all labour, materials, plant, tools, implements, design data, manufacture, delivery and execution of the Works which comprises:



(a)    Removal of existing hard top material;

(b)    Temporary Traffic Management Scheme (TTMS);

(c)    Excavation of trial pits and trenches;

(d)    Utility diversion;

(e)    Design and installation of ELS work including statutory submissions;

(f)     General excavation, stockpile and backfill;

(g)    Disposal of spoil material ;

(h)    Instrumentation monitoring;

(i)     Dewatering;

(j)     Surveying;

(k)    Reinstatement;

(l)     Attend meetings, site visits with and give presentations to stakeholders, including AMO, AAB, RDO, etc.; and

(m)   Stakeholder engagement.


Site Clearance and Establishment

(a)     Erect hoarding to establish the Site;

(b)     Provide temporary electricity and water supply for the Survey;

(c)     Form temporary access;

(d)     Set up Contractor site office; and

(e)     Provide security.


Pre-fieldwork Preparation

(a)    Employ a qualified Archaeologist with track record of minimum 5 years’ practical experience approved by AMO, and an archaeological team that would provide the necessary support to the qualified Archaeologist for the Survey. It is preferable that the archaeologist shall have experience in similar scale and nature of this archaeological survey and handling of Sung-Yuan dynasty relics;

(b)    Apply for a license to commence the archaeological survey; and

(c)    Prepare an Archaeological Action Plan (AAP) and submit to AMO for approval.



(a)    Carry out field survey and recording;

(b)    Prepare proposals and reports for removal, backfilling and protection of unearthed relics, as appropriate and submit them to AMO for approval. Supervise the works in accordance with the approved proposal;

(c)    Provide storage area within the site with appropriate environmental and security control for temporary storage of the unearthed relics; and

(d)    Process and analyse the relics.



(a)    Prepare archaeological reports and submit to AMO for approval; and

(b)    Hand over finds, artefacts, drawings, map, video footage and archives to AMO.


3.     Requirements on the Contractor


The Contractor shall employ a qualified Archaeologist for the approval of the Engineer and AMO to plan for and execute the archaeological survey works for identification, handling and processing of any historical findings. To support the qualified Archaeologist, an archaeological team with sufficient archaeological experience and resources shall also be employed by the Contractor for the Engineer’s approval.


The Contractor shall design the temporary earth lateral supporting system (ELS) in compliance with the Specification and the relevant statutory requirement and submit shop drawings, additional technical data, and the detailed design proposals for the Engineer’s Approval prior to the execution of the Works.


To be considered for selection and invitation to submit a tender, please reply in writing by facsimile to:


MTR Corporation Limited

Procurement and Contracts Department

G/F., MTR Hung Hom Building

8 Cheong Wan Road

Hung Hom

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Attention:       Mr. Raymond Au (Principal Contracts Administration Manager–SCL)

                              (Fax No. (852) 2716 3022)


Suitable applicants will be provided with a brochure entitled “Shatin to Central Link Preliminary Information Brochure for Prospective Contractors” together with a Pre-qualification Questionnaire for Contract 11241.  The completed Pre-qualification Questionnaire, together with related documents and materials shall be submitted no later than 2:00pm on 1 December 2017  (Hong Kong Time) to the address shown in Section 8.1 of the Preliminary Information Brochure.  In addition, audited company accounts for the past 3 years shall be provided under separated envelope and, if a joint venture is proposed, accounts for each of the joint venture partners must be attached.


The information provided by applicants in response to the Pre-qualification Questionnaire will be used to assess the suitability of the Contractors or Joint Ventures to tender for and carry out the Works.