MTR Club

Useful Tips

MTR Club Rules

Please click here for details.

Forgot password

Please click here and enter the account username and Octopus number. The account password will be reset and sent to the registered email address.

Handling of lost and malfunctioning Octopus

Members who have lost their Octopus or possess a malfunctioning Octopus should login to their existing MTR Club accounts to register the updated Octopus. Otherwise, members will not be able to earn Bonus Points if they use an unregistered Octopus to travel on the MTR. Members should edit and validate their Octopus information at any Club Member Service Point.

Loss of Personalised Octopus should be immediately reported to Octopus Cards Limited at 2266 2266.

Authorization form for item / gift collection

Members who are unable to collect their ordered item(s) or redeemed gift(s) in person may authorize another person to collect the item(s) or gift(s) on their behalf by signing an authorization form and following the instructions listed in the form.

Please click here to download the authorization form.

Locations of Club Member Service Points

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Account cancellation

Members should complete the account cancellation form to terminate their membership.

Please here to download the form.

Other enquiries

Please call the MTR Club Hotline at 2993 4375 for assistance.