Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

MTR-CUHK Youth Quality of Life Index

Since 2013, the MTR Corporation has sponsored The Centre for Quality of Life, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to launch two initiatives on Quality of Life (QoL) of Hong Kong youth. They are the MTR-CUHK Youth QoL Index and the MTR-CUHK Youth QoL Champions Competition.

  1. MTR-CUHK Youth QoL Index
    The index is the first composite index to measure and keep track of the quality of life of youth in Hong Kong. The first year of results of this five-year index was released in May 2013.

    Results of the latest MTR-CUHK Youth QoL Index:

  2. MTR-CUHK Youth QoL Champions Competition
    The competition aims to motivate Hong Kong youth and improve their well-being. Secondary school students are invited to set up teams and submit proposals and organise projects to enhance the quality of life of Hong Kong youth.