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What's New

Ride more, earn more!
28 September to 27 December 2018

Ride on the MTR to earn points and redeem free tickets! You can enjoy additional benefits on MTR Mobile.


Being an MTR Club member, you will enjoy exclusive offer by earning points with MTR rides to redeem MTR gift items. What’s more, members can use 50 fewer Bonus Points on each gift item when making gift redemption via MTR Mobile. Act now! Register to be an MTR Club Member.

Ride more, earn more

Members simply need to ride the MTR and earn points with their registered Octopus (including the Monthly Pass Extra encoded on the Octopus) from 28 September to 27 December 2018. Members can also accumulate points by purchasing the MTR City Saver. Just register on the MTR website with MTR City Saver purchase information.

  • Ride on the MTR, Airport Express, Light Rail or MTR Bus
    $1=1 point

Redeem free gifts with Bonus Points - Save more with MTR Mobile

You can redeem the following free gifts with accumulated bonus points, and further enjoy 50 fewer bonus points on each gift item when redeeming through MTR Mobile. Redeem more and save more!

Gift Bonus points required (MTR Mobile)
Bonus points required (Other Channels)
Free MTR Domestic Single Journey
330 points 380 points
MTR Cityscapes Souvenir Ticket – Kennedy Town Station
400 points 450 points
$20 MTR Shops Cash Coupon
850 points 900 points

Login MTR Club through MTR Mobile now, ride more earn more!

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