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Travel Happily Every Day in the MTR

Travel Happily Every Day in the MTR

MTR is dedicated to serving our passengers with care every day. We hope that each passenger can enjoy a happy and comfortable journey. When we treat one another with courtesy, we can travel more happily on our daily journey.

Passengers have been very supportive towards MTR's previous courtesy campaigns and among all courteous behaviours, there are 5 that have received the most "LIKE" from our passengers:

  • Line up before boarding and not to rushing onto the trains
    Follow the markings on the platform to line up for boarding and do not rush into the train while the doors are closing.

  • Let others alight first before boarding
    When train arrives, let other passengers alight first before boarding.

  • Move inside the train compartment for more room
    After boarding the train, move further inside the train compartment to let other passengers to board more easily.

  • Keep the train clean
    Do not eat or drink in paid areas of the station or on the train. LetíŽs keep our trains clean.

  • Offer your seat to any passengers in need
    If you see any passengers in need, please be courteous and offer your seat.

Let's follow these courteous behaviours and together, we can all travel happily every day in the MTR!