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Through the eyes of children: what do their parents do at work?

Through the eyes of children: what do their parents do at work?

Every MTR staff member from the frontline to the backend is serving passengers with heart. This year, we have invited staff members with different jobs to share their experiences with their children.

Kids are known for having imagination and creativity. We asked them to describe their parentsˇ¦ jobs. Although they may not yet fully understand what their parents do, watching their reactions will definitely make you smile! Our staff members also talk about their jobs!

Click here to enjoy the video now! (Video in Chinese only)

About the video:
This video introduces different MTR jobs from the perspective of kids. The jobs include:

  • Train Captain: Takes passengers to their destinations in a timely and safe manner. The captain also must be aware of anything that happens in the train compartments and assist passengers in need.
  • Station Master: Responsible for the daily operations of the train station and provides assistance to passengers in need.
  • Station Maintenance Staff: Maintains and ensure the normal operations of the stationˇ¦s facilities to provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers.
  • Traffic Controller: Controls and monitors train traffic and statuses at the Operation Control Centre to ensure seamless train services.
  • Customer Service Rapid Response Unit: Stationed at various locations throughout the railway network to provide assistance to passengers and handle any emergency.