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Hold the handrail and stand firm. Escalator safety starts with you!

Hold the handrail and stand still

Using the escalator safely can help your journey become smoother! To raise passenger awareness on escalator safety, we have produced a video featuring different comic characters and scenes to remind passengers to follow escalator safety tips:

  1. Stay alert when stepping on and off
    Take extra care when using the escalator. Hold the handrail and stand firm.
  2. Stand clear of the edges. Stand firm and hold the handrail tight.
    When using the escalator, please stand clear from the yellow lines, especially when wearing sandals or slippers.
  3. Use the lift when travelling with baby pram
    When travelling with baby, use the lift for a safer journey.
  4. Don't use mobile phones
    Pay attention and do not use your mobile phone on escalator.

Click here to watch the animated video and letíŽs travel safely every day with MTR!