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Rail Gen 2.0

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Ma On Shan Line:
4-car trains modified to 8-car trains

Under ¡§Rail Gen 2.0¡¨, where existing and new rail lines will be closely connected and integrated to form a better railway network, the Ma On Shan Line will be joined to the West Rail Line to form the ¡§East-West Corridor¡¨. The newly joined line will operate with 8-car trains. Since early 2016, West Rail Line trains are gradually being converted from 7 to 8-car trains and the transition has been smooth.

In early 2017, 4-car trains on the Ma On Shan Line will start being converted to 8-car trains. The trains include both modified and new trains. During the 12-month conversion period, a mix of 8-car trains and 4-car trains will be in operation.

New 8-car trains will run on the Ma On Shan Line

To prepare for the operation of this mixed fleet, testing of the signalling system will be carried out between November 2016 and early 2017.

Throughout this work we will provide different types of passenger information to ensure that boarding and exiting from trains goes smoothly.

Phase 1 ¡V from November 2016 to early 2017
Testing of the signalling system and operation of the newly extended platforms

As the platforms have been extended for 8-car operations, the boarding areas that you are used to will be re-arranged. You may have to walk further along the platform for boarding. Public Announcements about the re-arranged boarding areas will be broadcast. Please follow the platform signs and staff directions to wait in the designated areas.

Phase 2 ¡V from early 2017 onwards
Mixed fleet operations

To make it easier to find information about the stopping locations of 4-car and 8-car trains, signs for 4-car trains will be BROWN and for 8-car trains, GREEN.

Public Announcements and Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) at platforms will give you real-time train service information.

  • Public Announcement - Public Announcements will tell you the number of cars in the next train to arrive
  • Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) - the number of cars in the next train to arrive will also be displayed on the PIDS screen at the platform

You will find the number of cars in the next train easily by the colour displayed on the PIDS screen

  • Boarding Area ¡V as additional boarding areas will be available for 8-car trains, please follow the colour signs or staff directions for where to wait for boarding

  • Multi-Purpose Area & Quiet Car ¡V as the locations for the multi-purpose areas and quiet cars in 4-car trains and 8-car trains are different, coloured labels in brown or green will be posted on the Automatic Platform Gates or floor so you can locate the correct waiting areas ready for the next train to arrive

Multi-Purpose Area

Quiet Car

New features, including dynamic route maps and gangway displays showing the next station names, will be added to 8-car trains. When all 8-car trains are in service, the overall capacity of the Ma On Shan Line will be increased to further meet your daily transport needs, bringing you a better travel experience!

Dynamic Route Maps and gangway displays