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MTR "Typhoon Travelling Tips"

Stay Tuned Plan Ahead Be Safe
"Typhoon signal No.1 or 3" (Standby or Strong Wind signals) is hoisted "Typhoon signal No. 8" (Gale or Storm signals) will be hoisted, hoisted or lowered "Typhoon signal No. 9" (Increasing Gale or Storm signals) or "Typhoon signal No. 10" (Hurricane signals)

Stay tuned to MTR website for the latest train service information

Download MTR Mobile app and turn on the "Push Notification" function to receive the latest information on train service arrangement

Trains and MTR Bus service frequencies will increase to peak hour level as and when needed

Additional station staff will be deployed to assist passengers

Stations may get crowded, please be patient

Trains, Light Rail and MTR Bus services may be suspended if weather conditions deteriorate. Watch out for the "Push Notification" from MTR Mobile app or stay tuned to MTR website and plan ahead for your journey

Under safe conditions, limited train service in the underground sections will be maintained (except Hong Kong station to Kowloon Station)

No trains, Light Rail and MTR Bus services will be provided on open or above ground sections, such as East Rail Line

Watch out for the "Push Notification" from MTR Mobile app or stay tuned to MTR website

If you must travel, be careful and plan ahead for your journey

Fun Facts

1) Inspection

At the start of the typhoon season, Infrastructure Maintenance Team will perform inspections to immediate surroundings of the railway network and get prepared.

2) Orchestration

During typhoon, the Operations Control Centre will orchestrate different departments to perform corresponding tasks and issue the latest traffic news to the public via the Transport Department, MTR Website and MTR Mobile app.

3) Response

In times of typhoon, staff from different disciplines of operations including Maintenance, Track, Over Headline, Building Services and Station Staff will form the Rapid Response Unit and assigned to different stations to assist train operations and passengers when necessary.

4) Patrol

Prior to issuing of Typhoon Signal No. 8, the Service Supporting Team consisting of Track and Over Head Line staff will board onto the driving cab to patrol along open section of the railway lines and perform facilities check at open sections.

5) Stand by

During Typhoon Signal No. 8, around 200 engineering staff, including Maintenance staff, Technicians, Engineers will stand by along all railway lines to carry out urgent repair works when necessary.

6) Typhoon Duty

In times of typhoon signals hoisted, additional station staff will be on duty to assist passengers when necessary. Additional train captains will be deployed to ensure smooth train operations.

7) Contingency Food

A total of 30000 packs of biscuits and bottled water are readied at all MTR stations for passengers in case of any contingency situation.

8) "Line Clear" Check

After the typhoon, Line Clear Procedure will take place; each depot will send out their special team to ensure immediate surroundings of the railway network are clear and safe.


*Implementation of the above arrangements will be made depending on the actual conditions.