Rail Gen 2.0

Rail Gen 2.0 Next Generation Rail


We are striving to enhance our existing railway network to Rail Gen 2.0, a next generation rail that brings superior connectivity, better facilities and enhanced services to the general public.

With the extension of the Island Line to the Western District, the extension of the Kwun Tong Line to Ho Man Tin and Whampoa, the opening of the South Island Line, and the upcoming Shatin to Central Link and Express Rail Link, the existing and new rail lines will be knitted together to form a more superior railway network that will provide enhanced connectivity and accessibility to more areas and additional cross-harbour options.

Major upgrades of infrastructure and facilities are underway alongside the new lines in order to construct a better railway network for our future. Overall customer experience will be improved through the provision of new trains and new light rail vehicles, conversion of the West Rail and Ma On Shan Lines from seven-car into eight-car trains and from four-car into eight-car trains, and an upgrading of the signalling system and station facilities, such as installation of automatic platform gates, station modification works at major interchange stations, and the replacement of air-cooled chillers. We hope to provide you with a more caring and personalised experience by continuously enhancing MTR Mobile functions which provides a new customer experience under Rail Gen 2.0.

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Shatin to Central Link Project launches a new generation of faster rail travel

The Shatin to Central Link Project is a crucial part of the extensive Rail Gen 2.0 project. Currently, 80% of the overall project has been completed. However, the construction of the tunnel posed huge challenges. Not only does it pass through densely populated areas, but it also goes under the harbour.
To see how the engineers overcame all these challenges, click here to watch "Adventure under Victoria Harbour" and "An Underground Maze


Upgrading of the signalling systems is now in full swing

The upgrading of the signalling system for many of our operating rail lines is now in full swing. After years of hard work, construction of the new system has achieved good progress and further testing is taken place at some stations on the East Rail and Tsuen Wan Lines.
Upon completion of all of the signalling works, train service frequency, overall capacity and train reliability will be further enhanced.


MTR Mobile offers you a more personalised new experience

With the enhanced "Traffic News" function, new "In-station Finder" as well as "Fast Exit" functions, MTR Mobile provides comprehensive information for better planning of your journey.