What's New
Rail Gen 2.0

Rail Gen 2.0, next generation rail, connecting you to a better future

We are striving to enhance our existing railway network to Rail Gen 2.0, a next generation rail that brings enhanced superior connectivity, better facilities and enhanced services to the general public.

"C AllStar X Rail Gen 2.0" Micro-film

C AllStar, four young guys, shared the same dream and passion for singing. Being together and supporting each other, they overcome all kinds of challenges to become an a capella singing group. Click here to watch their clip (video in Cantonese only).

"Jacqueline Wong x Rail Gen 2.0" Info-segment

Jacqueline Wong, the host of info-segment, would like to tell you more about Rail Gen 2.0, highlighting the progress on the new lines construction, major works and facilities upgrades.

MTR Song 2.0

Whatˇ¦s more, DJ Steve James, the original singer of the internet hit ˇ§MTR Songˇ¨, has created an updated ˇ§MTR Song 2.0ˇ¨. Steve gives a brilliant and entertaining rendition of the track to the background melody of the childrenˇ¦s classic ˇ§ABC Songˇ¨. Click here to listen to this song.