What's New
What's New

Travel safely every day in the MTR!

Your every action counts in making journey safe

The MTR delivers about 5.8 million passenger trips each weekday. Your understanding and cooperation will help to make every journey on the MTR safe. Please do not bring dangerous, explosive or flammable goods when travelling in the MTR. If you see someone bringing dangerous goods, please inform our staff immediately. In the case of an emergency, please remember the three magic tips: "keep calm, follow instructions and leave immediately!"

A series of promotional posters about travel safety using photorealistic drawings in comic style has been launched to enhance passengers' travel safety awareness

In addition, three videos featuring real life train captains and station staff to give you some safety tips:

  1. Introduction of dangerous goods
  2. Evacuation on the train
  3. Evacuation in the station

(The above videos are in Cantonese only with English subtitles)