Rail Gen 2.0

Rail Gen 2.0
Upgrading of the signalling system is now in full swing, which will offer you more frequent train service in the future.

Upgrading of the signalling system is now in full swing!

The upgrading of the signalling system for many of our operating rail lines is one of the major projects under Rail Gen 2.0, and is now in full swing. The signalling system function like our brain. They transmit signals to tracks and control a train¡¦s speed, and ensure train safety. Upgrading of the signalling system is no easier than carrying out immensely complex and technical neurosurgery.

In order not to affect normal passenger service and nearby residents, and to maintain routine maintenance work, the project teams could only make use of the few hours after train services end to conduct the upgrade work. After years of hard work, construction of the new system has achieved good progress and further testing is taken place at some stations on the East Rail and Tsuen Wan Lines. There may be a chance of disruptions to the next day¡¦s service. If such a situation arises, we will do our best to minimise the impact on our passengers.

Upon completion of all of the signalling works, train service frequency, overall capacity and train reliability will be further enhanced.

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