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What's New

Kee Gor's Diary: Latest Update of the South Island Line

Mr. Francis Li, Chief of Operating from MTR, will share with you the latest news through "Kee Gor's Diary" to help you understand more about the South Island Line.

3 January 2017

[Art with Heart]

The masterpieces along the South Island Line were created by young local artists, who capture the unique flair of the Southern District!

21 December 2016

[Getting around Lei Tung is easy!]

The elevator located at South Island Line Lei Tung Station Exit B of the Lei Tung Commercial Centre takes you directly to Lei Tung Estate, Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road and Ap Lei Chau Main Street without entering the paid area. Enjoy the new benefit of having communities closer together!

14 December 2016

[Rain, rain you're not a pain!]

Unveiling our new footbridge network that connects your community with our stations. It is a weather-proof covered walkway for commuters crossing industrial hubs/residential areas. Don't let the rain stop you!

6 December 2016

[We are ready!]

The South Island Line is officially opening on 28 December. We are a step closer to realising our goal of "Connecting you and me without obstacles". South Island Line connects the Southern district to the rest of the city. We look forward to serving you soon!

30 November 2016

[With great flexibility comes greater convenience]

Experience an automatic train service with more flexibility and greater comfort. Operating an automatic control system, the control centre can deploy standby trains to cope with surges in commuters. Completely agile and flexible, travelling to the Southern district will be a breeze!

23 November 2016

[Help is all around you]

Experience Mobile Service Mode at those South Island Line stations without a Customer Service Centre. If you have any questions or need assistance, simply reach out to our Mobile Service Team who roving around the station. Get all the support you need and let us take good care of your ride!

16 November 2016


The MTR South Island Line is opening at the end of the year#! Simply hop on the train at Admiralty Station and get to Ocean Park Station in 4 minutes*, and South Horizons Station in 11 minutes*. We are officially connecting the Southern district to your doorstep everywhere in Hong Kong. Travelling has never been so fast, convenient and hassle-free!
# The official opening date will be announced soon.
* Estimated journey time from the originating station to the destination station.