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Tuen Ma Line Phase 1

Tuen Ma Line Phase 1

Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 opens on 14 February 2020, connecting Wu Kai Sha and Kai Tak. Three new stations ˇV Hin Keng Station, the expanded part of Diamond Hill Station and Kai Tak Station are opened, shortening the journey time between Tai Wai and Diamond Hill stations from 17 minutes to 9 minutes1. Save 8 minutes and enjoy a faster, more convenient journey between New Territories North, New Territories East and Kowloon East with more choices of routes! For service details about Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, please click here for the Passenger Guide and click here for the fare information.

MTR also brings you a series of fare promotions. Save time, save money! The New Line Opening Offers can be used in conjunction with the 3.3% Rebate (if applicable), Early Bird Discount and 25% discount on connecting journeys with the Monthly Pass Extra.

A. New Line Opening Offers

  1. Hin Keng/Kai Tak Stations Fare Discount
    • Save $1 for Adult Octopus holders or $0.5 for other Octopus holders when travelling on MTR domestic and cross-boundary journeys by entering or exiting Hin Keng or Kai Tak stations2.
  2. Special Interchange Discount3
    • Save $1 for Adult Octopus holders or $0.5 for other Octopus holders when travelling between MTR and 22 designated Bus and Green Minibus routes around Kai Tak, To Kwa Wan and Sung Wong Toi by entering or exiting at designated MTR stations.

    • Designated MTR Stations for Interchange
      KMB4 Bus Route No.
      Citybus Bus Route No.
      Green Minibus Route No.
      Kai Tak 3B, 5, 5A, 5C, 5D, 11X, 26, 28 20, 22, 22M 49
      Diamond Hill 3B, 5, 11, 21 - -
      Whampoa 3B, 5D, 11X, 12A - 26
      Hung Hom 3B, 5, 5A, 5C, 5P, 11K, 11X, 12A, 15X, 21, 26, 28 - 26
      Ho Man Tin 5, 5A, 5P, 6F, 11, 26, 28 - 27M, 28MS
      Choi Hung 21, 26 - 49

Promotion period of the New Line Opening Offers: 14 February 2020 to full commissioning of Tuen Ma Line

1 From Tai Wai to Diamond Hill Station, it takes 17 minutes travelling on East Rail Line via an interchange at Kowloon Tong; it takes only 9 minutes travelling on Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, saving 8 minutes. Actual travelling time may vary depending on the situation. The Estimated Journey Time for MTR provided is an estimate of the time it should take to travel from the originating to the destination station (platform to platform) if the shortest route is taken and may take into account waiting time, in-train and interchange times as well as other information and assumptions. A passenger's actual journey time may vary from the estimated journey time. Passengers are advised to allocate suitable time for walking between platforms and entrances at both ends of the journeys.
2 Excluding Light Rail, MTR Bus, MTR Feeder Bus, Airport Express, East Rail Line First Class Premium and same station entry and exit at Kai Tak or Hin Keng stations. The 3.3% Rebate and Early Bird Discount are calculated based on the discounted fare after the Hin Keng/Kai Tak Stations Fare Discount.
3 According to the existing ˇ§Public Transport Fare Concession Schemeˇ¨, senior citizens or eligible persons with disabilities who interchange from the MTR to the Green Minibus/Bus may not be able to enjoy the full interchange discount owing to the concession arrangement between the Government and the Green Minibus/Bus operators.
4 Some bus routes may pass through different designated MTR stations when travelling in different directions. Please enquire about the relevant bus route information and select the appropriate MTR station for interchange.

B. Year Round Offers

  • Monthly Pass Extra: Coverage of the Sheung Shui/Wu Kai Sha ˇV East Tsim Sha Tsui Monthly Pass Extra is extended to Hin Keng, Diamond Hill and Kai Tak stations at current price of $485. The pass offers you unlimited rides between the designated stations within the valid month and 25% discount for connecting journey. Click here for details.
  • MTR City Saver: Coverage is extended to Kai Tak Station. Valid for 40 single journeys in 40 days for just $435, medium to long distance cross-harbour commuters will enjoy even more bargains. Click here for details.
  • Early Bird 35% Fare Discount: 35% off if you exit gates using Adult Octopus at 45 designated stations including Kai Tak Station. The discount applies Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 7:15a.m. to 8:15a.m. Click here for details.

Fare Offers Details and Terms and Conditions

C. Experiencing Tuen Ma Line Phase 1

A new rail line breathes new life into the community. Click here to watch a series of four videos to travel along Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 and experience the new stations with Kandy and Karl!