Rail Gen 2.0

Rail Gen 2.0
We're working every night to serve you better

Rail Gen 2.0, next generation rail, connecting you to a better future

Most of you are fast asleep by the time our last train sets off. However, for the MTR project teams, their work has just begun. Among the many complex projects, upgrading the signalling system of the East Rail Line and other railway lines in urban areas and installing automatic platform gates along the East Rail Line and the Ma On Shan Line stations are two of the key major projects that they are working on after normal service hours and making full use of the two ˇ§workableˇ¨ hours overnight.

The signalling system functions like our brain. It transmits signals to track and control a train's speed, and ensure train safety. Upgrading of East Rail Line signalling system is an immensely complex feat of technical neurosurgery and approximately 2000km-length of cables will be laid. Upon the final completion of all the work, the public will be able to enjoy even more frequent train service than they do now.

Retrofitting automatic platform gates on an operating railway is also a very complicated process. The gates had to be tailor-made for each platform to precisely suit its specific conditions and sit evenly on the platform floor for smooth operation. The gates installed had to be tested and commissioned for operation when train service began again the next morning. Upon completion, the public can enjoy a more comfortable and safer environment while they are waiting for trains.

For Ma On Shan Line, the automatic platform gate will be gradually putting into service. While for East Rail Line, automatic platform gate preparation works will be carried out to cope with the works of Shatin Central Link and the new trains.

Work on an operating railway like these is always challenging. In order not to affect normal passenger service and to carry out regular maintenance works, we can only conduct the works for two hours overnight after the last passenger train of the day has departed.

We have prepared two short videos to share the progress of these two challenging and complicated projects with you.

Upon the final completion of all the works, our entire railway network will be upgraded to Rail Gen 2.0, a next generation rail. With the addition of new trains and four new rail lines, the public will soon be enjoying more comfortable travel and an even better train service.

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