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High Speed Rail Train Naming Competition


High Speed Rail Train Naming Competition has been finished.
Thank you for your participation and support!

The judging panel finally picked “動感號” as the winning name as they considered that it can best demonstrate Hong Kong’s characteristics. In addition, the panel also gave the three merit awards to “HKSPEED”, “飛躍” and “光纖”.

As there were multiple entries with the winning and merit names, a lucky draw was carried out to decide on the awardees.

Winners of competition had been drawn. You may check the list of winners below and the winners will be notified individually.

Best Train Name:
動感號 (Winner: 郭朗樂)

Merit Award:
HKSPEED (Awardee: Shum Siu Lin Florence)
飛躍 (Awardee: Lau Chun Kin)
光纖 (Awardee: Chan Yuk Ping)


Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 49971