services and facilities
services and facilities

Escalator refurbishment project

These escalators are not in use while work is carried out

Station Escalator Target schedule* - Commencement Target schedule* - Resume Service
Quarry Bay E4 (between Concourse and Platforms) 1 March 2019 Mid of May 2019
Quarry Bay E16 (between Upper and Lower Platforms) 4 March 2019 Mid of May 2019
Tin Hau E2 and E6 (between Concourse and Platforms) 18 March 2019 Mid of May 2019
Lam Tin E2 (between Concourse and Platforms) 29 March 2019 Early of June 2019
Sheung Wan E16 (between Concourse and Platforms) 23 April 2019 Early of July 2019

* The schedule is subject to change