User Guide

  1. Start your itinerary planner by clicking ¡§Create A New Itinerary¡¨ button.
  2. Create the name of your itinerary in the text box, i.e. Hong Kong Day 1, etc, then click ¡§next¡¨ button.
  3. Search the attractions by selecting ¡§Type¡¨ and ¡§Location¡¨, or ¡§Keyword¡¨, then click the searching icon. The attractions and stations will be displayed in alphabetical order.
  4. Click the attraction name to view details in the new webpage, select attractions up to 6 MTR stations for your itinerary.
  5. Drag to change the sequence of attractions with Order icon in My Itinerary page.
  6. Select the Starting Point by clicking the check box or sort by your selection order.
  7. The shortest travelling time will be suggested by clicking ¡§Smart Order¡¨.
  8. Attractions, stations, and journey information will be shown by clicking ¡§Confirm¡¨, and your itinerary will be saved in ¡§My Itinerary¡¨.
  9. Update your itinerary by clicking ¡§Edit¡¨.
  10. Your itinerary will be saved in CSV file format by clicking ¡§Export¡¨.