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Reference No. Post Date Expiry Date Job Title Action
G14015 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Assistant Leasing Manager (助理租務經理)
H14061 27-SEP-2014 10-OCT-2014
Office Assistant (辦公室助理)
H14062 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Asst Training Officer-Contract (助理訓練主任-合約)
J14265 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Insp of Works-Control & Comms
J14294 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Assistant Inspector of Works (助理工務督察)
J14350 20-SEP-2014 03-OCT-2014
Construction Engineer II-BS (二級建造工程師-屋宇裝備)
J14358 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Inspector of Works-E&M (工務督察–機電)
J14363 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Construction Safety Advisor (建造安全顧問)
J14366 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Architect II (二級建築師)
J14367 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Construction Architect I (一級建造建築師)
J14373 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Const Engr II-BS Coordination
J14374 30-SEP-2014 13-OCT-2014
IOW-Structural Steel & Facade
L14035 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Contracts Engineer II (二級合約工程師)
L14053 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Assistant Purchasing Officer (助理採購主任)
M14151 29-SEP-2014 12-OCT-2014
Supp Engr-Rolling Stk (支援工程師-鐡道車輛)
M14334 26-MAR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-IMD (技工/技術員-基建維修)
M14335 15-APR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-RSMD (技工/技術員-鐵道車輛維修)
M14336 15-APR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-SBM (技工/技術員-車站維修)
M14349 28-JUN-2014 31-OCT-2014
Station Assistant (Part-time) (車站助理(兼職))
M14395 01-AUG-2014 31-OCT-2014
Customer Service Centre Asst (客務中心助理)
M14433 20-SEP-2014 03-OCT-2014
Dsgn Sup Eng-Integr Fac Engg (設計支援工程師-整合設備工程)
M14458 27-SEP-2014 10-OCT-2014
CS Rapid Response Unit Officer (客務快速應變隊主任)
M14584 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Tradesman III (三級技工)
M14647 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Section Engr-Railway Protectn (分區工程師-鐵路保護)
M14648 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Supervisor I-Civil (一級督導員-土木)
M14649 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technical Officer-Civil (技術主任-土木)
M14650 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Junior Land Surveyor I (初級土地測量師)
M14651 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Foreman (管工)
M14653 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technician Supervisor (技術督導員)
M14654 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Senior Technician (高級技術員)
M14656 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Engineer-P Way & Civil (工程師-軌道及土木)
M14657 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Supervisor II-Welding (二級督導員-燒焊)
M14659 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Foreman (管工)
M14660 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14662 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Senior Technician (高級技術員)
M14676 29-SEP-2014 12-OCT-2014
Supp Engr-Integr Fac Engg (支援工程師-整合設備工程)
M14721 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14759 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Tradesman-Civil (技工-土木)
M14760 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Tradesman-Pway (技工-軌道)
M14774 04-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Station Assistant (Part-time) (車站助理(兼職))
M14795 20-SEP-2014 03-OCT-2014
Dsgn Supp Engr-Network (設計支援工程師-網絡)
M14796 20-SEP-2014 03-OCT-2014
Dsgn Supp Engr-Software Ctrl (設計支援工程師-軟件控制)
M14799 20-SEP-2014 03-OCT-2014
Supp Engr-Network (支援工程師-網絡)
M14805 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Bus Technician (巴士維修技術員)
M14808 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14809 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14810 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14816 23-SEP-2014 06-OCT-2014
Tradesman Associate (見習技工)
M14819 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14823 27-SEP-2014 10-OCT-2014
Dsgn Supp Engr-AFC Engg (設計支援工程師-自動收費系統工程)
M14826 27-SEP-2014 10-OCT-2014
Dsgn Supp Engr-Rolling Stk Eng (設計支援工程師-鐵道車輛工程)
M14831 30-SEP-2014 23-OCT-2014
Train Captain (列車車長)
P14098 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Asst Technical Offr-Property (助理技術主任-物業)
P14110 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Technical Officer-Property (技術主任-物業)
P14150 19-SEP-2014 02-OCT-2014
Sr Technical Officer-Property (高級技術主任-物業)
P14167 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Property Officer (物業主任)
P14168 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Senior Property Officer (高級物業主任)
P14171 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Assistant Property Manager (助理物業經理)
P14172 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Senior Property Officer (高級物業主任)
Q14048 26-SEP-2014 09-OCT-2014
Customer Care Assistant (客務助理)