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Reference No. Post Date Expiry Date Job Title Action
C14001 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Assistant Commercial Manager (助理商務經理)
H14040 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Administrative Assistant (行政助理)
H14064 06-OCT-2014 02-NOV-2014
2015 Graduate Recruitment
J14294 28-OCT-2014 10-NOV-2014
Assistant Inspector of Works (助理工務督察)
J14358 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Inspector of Works-E&M (工務督察–機電)
J14394 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Construction Engineer II-Sig (二級建造工程師-信號)
J14398 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Coordination Engineer I
J14401 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Construction Engineer II-Civil (二級建造工程師-土木)
J14404 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Construction Engineer I-ABWF
J14405 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Construction Engineer II-BS (二級建造工程師-屋宇裝備)
J14406 28-OCT-2014 10-NOV-2014
Inspector of Works-ECS
J14409 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Const Engineer III-Sig&Comms
J14410 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Inspector of Works-Signalling (工務督察-信號)
J14413 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Engineer I-Civil (一級工程師–土木)
J14414 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Design Management Architect II (二級設計管理建築師)
J14415 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Construction Engr I-Signalling (一級建造工程師-信號)
L14035 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Contracts Engineer II (二級合約工程師)
L14049 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Contracts Engineer II (二級合約工程師)
M14334 26-MAR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-IMD (技工/技術員-基建維修)
M14335 15-APR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-RSMD (技工/技術員-鐵道車輛維修)
M14336 15-APR-2014 31-DEC-2014
Tradesman/Technician-SBM (技工/技術員-車站維修)
M14584 31-OCT-2014 28-NOV-2014
Tradesman III (三級技工)
M14714 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Bus Captain (巴士車長)
M14831 30-SEP-2014 31-DEC-2014
Train Captain (列車車長)
M14851 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Mainland Business Support Offr (國內業務支援主任)
M14868 29-OCT-2014 04-NOV-2014
CTO Operator (乘車優惠辦事處操作員)
M14869 18-OCT-2014 31-OCT-2014
Dsgn Sup Eng-Integr Fac Engg (設計支援工程師-整合設備工程)
M14870 18-OCT-2014 31-OCT-2014
Dsg Sup Eng-Sig&Eltro Ctrl Eng (設計支援工程師-信號及電子控制工程)
M14879 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14880 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14881 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14884 24-OCT-2014 07-NOV-2014
CS Rapid Response Unit Officer (客務快速應變隊主任)
M14888 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Depots (技工-車廠)
M14889 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Sr Technician-Workshop(CEWS) (高級技術員-電子工場)
M14895 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Mechanical (技工-機械)
M14896 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Electrical (技工-電器)
M14897 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Plant & Locomotives (技工-廠房及機車)
M14900 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Maintenance Engineer (維修工程師)
M14912 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Intercity Customer Serv Rep (城際客務代表)
M14913 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Bus Technician (巴士維修技術員)
M14914 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Civil (技工-土木)
M14915 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Tradesman-Pway (技工-軌道)
P14131 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Shopping Centre Manager (商場事務經理)
P14149 18-OCT-2014 31-OCT-2014
Retail Marketing Manager (零售市場經理)
P14155 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Guest Service Officer (客戶服務主任)
P14181 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Retail Marketing Assistant (零售市場助理)
P14182 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Shopping Centre Officer (商場事務主任)
P14184 24-OCT-2014 06-NOV-2014
Administrative Assistant (行政助理)
Q14049 31-OCT-2014 13-NOV-2014
Audit Trainee (見習審計師)
Q14052 18-OCT-2014 31-OCT-2014
Sr Manager-External Affairs (對外事務高級經理)