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    number to:
    Human Resource Management Department
    MTR Corporation
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    請將已塡妥之職位申請表 (註明申請職位及相關的參考編號) 郵寄至:

    The application forms can be downloaded here. 下載申請表
Reference No. Post Date Expiry Date Job Title Action
C15040 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Assistant Commercial Manager (助理商務經理)
F15042 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Assistant Manager-Stores (助理經理-倉務)
H15068 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Human Resources Assistant (人力資源助理)
H15069 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Human Resources Officer (人力資源主任)
J15247 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Public Relations Executive (公共關係主任)
J15361 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Inspector of Works-Signalling (工務督察-信號)
J15363 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Engineer II-System Assurance (二級工程師–系統保證)
J15364 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Construction Engr III-E&M Ser (三級建造工程師-機電工程)
J15369 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Sr Engineer-System Assurance
J15370 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Engineer I-System Assurance (一級工程師–系統保證)
M15004 08-JAN-2015 31-DEC-2015
Tradesman/Technician-IMD (技工/技術員-基建維修)
M15005 08-JAN-2015 31-DEC-2015
Tradesman/Technician-RSMD (技工/技術員-鐵道車輛維修)
M15006 08-JAN-2015 31-DEC-2015
Tradesman/Technician-SBM (技工/技術員-車站維修)
M15013 06-JAN-2015 31-DEC-2015
Train Captain (列車車長)
M15334 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Tradesman III (三級技工)
M15367 28-MAR-2015 31-DEC-2015
Bus Technician (巴士維修技術員)
M15627 01-AUG-2015 31-DEC-2015
Station Officer (站務主任)
M15781 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Technical Officer (技術主任)
M15869 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Tradesman III (三級技工)
M15870 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Technician (技術員)
M15871 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Technician (技術員)
M15872 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Technician (技術員)
M15873 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Technician (技術員)
M15894 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Tradesman III (三級技工)
P15103 27-NOV-2015 11-DEC-2015
Retail Marketing Manager (零售市場經理)
P15128 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Retail Marketing Officer (零售市場主任)
P15141 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Technical Mgr-Civil&Structural (工程經理-土木及結構)
P15152 20-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Administrative Assistant (行政助理)
P15153 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Assistant Property Officer I (一級助理物業主任)
P15154 19-NOV-2015 03-DEC-2015
Assistant Property Planner
P15156 27-NOV-2015 10-DEC-2015
Leasing Officer (租務主任)