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Thank you for your interest in joining our Company. You may submit job applications via one of the following channels:
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    Human Resource Management Department
    8/F, MTR Headquarters Building
    Telford Plaza
    33 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay

    The application forms can be downloaded here.
Reference No. Post Date Expiry Date Job Title Action
F14019 12-APR-2014 25-APR-2014
Head of Str Consltg & Corp Eff
F14020 12-APR-2014 25-APR-2014
Mgr-Str Consltg & Corp Eff
H14023 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Senior Security Assistant (高級保安助理)
H14024 14-APR-2014 09-MAY-2014
Craft Apprentice (技工學徒)
H14025 14-APR-2014 09-MAY-2014
Technician Apprentice (技術員學徒)
H14026 14-APR-2014 09-MAY-2014
Technician Associate (見習技術員)
H14027 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Human Resources Officer (人力資源主任)
J13654 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Insp of Works-Control & Comms
J13731 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Inspector of Works (工務督察)
J14074 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Construction Engr I-AFC & SAMS (一級建造工程師-自動收費及門禁系統)
J14075 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Inspector of Works-BS (工務督察-屋宇裝備)
J14118 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Construction Engineer II-BS (二級建造工程師-屋宇裝備)
J14125 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Inspector of Works-Signalling (工務督察-信號)
J14126 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Construction Engineer II-ABWF
J14132 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Construction Engineer II-Civil (二級建造工程師-土木)
J14133 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Asst Tech Officer-Material (助理技術主任-物料)
J14134 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Engineer II-Building Design (二級工程師-屋宇設計)
L14022 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Contracts Engineer II (二級合約工程師)
L14023 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Legal Assistant (法律助理)
L14025 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Contracts Engineer II (二級合約工程師)
M13925 12-APR-2014 25-APR-2014
System Reliability Manager (系統可靠經理)
M14254 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Engr-RWay Interfacing Assuran
M14255 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Site Inspector (工地督察 )
M14334 15-APR-2014 31-MAY-2014
Tradesman/Technician-IMD (技工/技術員-基建維修)
M14335 15-APR-2014 31-MAY-2014
Tradesman/Technician-RSMD (技工/技術員-鐵道車輛維修)
M14336 15-APR-2014 31-MAY-2014
Tradesman/Technician-SBM (技工/技術員-車站維修)
M14349 02-APR-2014 30-APR-2014
Station Assistant (Part-time) (車站助理(兼職))
M14395 10-APR-2014 10-MAY-2014
Customer Service Centre Asst (客務中心助理)
M14403 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14404 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Technician (技術員)
M14408 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Dsgn Engr-Rolling Stk Engg (設計工程師-鐵道車輛工程)
M14414 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Dsgn Supp Engr-Safety Assuran (設計支援工程師-安全保證)
M14415 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Engineer-REI (工程師-鐵路延綫)
M14416 18-APR-2014 01-MAY-2014
Maintenance Mgr-Power Distribn (維修經理–配電)
P14023 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Property Officer (物業主任)
P14052 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Senior Property Officer (高級物業主任)
P14055 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Assistant Foreman (助理管工)
P14056 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Sr Technical Officer-Property (高級技術主任-物業)
Q14012 11-APR-2014 24-APR-2014
Sr PR Executive-Projects&Prop (高級公共關係主任-項目及物業)