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These 13 "Most Like Journeys" that we have shortlisted all demonstrate how our staff serve you from the heart:

  1. Assisting customers with empathy
  2. Providing attentive care to passengers
  3. Taking the initiative to overcome difficulties
  4. Overcoming language barriers to offer assistance
  5. Stepping forward to help a passenger in need
  6. Acting immediately to ease traffic
  7. Watching carefully to assist passengers in need
  8. Empathizing with passengers to provide the right assistance
  9. Feeling another's distress
  10. Acting immediately to save lives
  11. Acting promptly to find a lost child
  12. Recovering a diamond ring through being vigilant
  13. Collaborating closely to offer effective help

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"The Most 'Like' Journey"


Fortress Hill Station

Assisting customers with empathy
By delivering service with empathy, we make our passengers' journeys more comfortable. Fortress Hill Station Officer Chan King-lei and Duty Station Controller Wong Sai-tak noticed a group of tourists using handcarts to move numerous pieces of luggage into the station. They were worried that the bulky luggage would cause inconvenience to other passengers. Moreover, they were concerned that MTR by-laws might have been breached. They then suggested to the tourists that they could use another form of transport and helped them move all their luggage out of the station concourse onto the pavement.


Tiu Keng Leng Station

Providing attentive care to passengers
Showing genuine care and attention is worth a thousand words. Feeling unwell, a passenger in one of our trains sought help from staff. When Tiu Keng Leng Station Officer Sit Yuk-yin learned of the situation, she immediately escorted the passenger to the staff room to rest, bringing him hot water and a sick bag. The passenger was greatly moved by Sit Yuk-yin's caring attitude.


Tuen Mun Station

Taking the initiative to overcome difficulties
Taking the right initiative can ensure passengers enjoy a smoother journey. A tourist realized she had no local currency when she tried to purchase a ticket. As the money exchanger and bank were not yet open, she was at a loss on what to do. Tuen Mun Station Officer Tam Hoi-yiu noticed her standing before the ticket issuing machine looking distraught and immediately offered assistance. She advised the tourist to buy something at a nearby convenience store using Renminbi and thereby get some small change in local currency. This enabled the tourist to buy a ticket and continue her journey.


MTR Bus K51 Route

Overcoming language barriers to offer assistance
When helping others, enthusiasm and passion can overcome any obstacles, even language barriers. When a MTR Bus K51 route arrived at Tai Lam bus terminal, the driver Cheng Wing-hang discovered a few passengers still on board. They were Japanese tourists who had missed their stop at the Gold Coast Hotel because they didn't understand the announcements made in Chinese. Luckily, Cheng Wing-hang knew a little Japanese and was able to show them how to get to the hotel. He also patiently explained how to take the Airport Express to the airport for their return journey.


Light Rail Customer Service Centre at Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Stop

Stepping forward to help a passenger in need
Language is no barrier when it comes to looking after passengers. At Tuen Mun Ferry Pier's Light Rail Customer Service Centre, a hearing-impaired passenger was enquiring on how to apply for a Personalised Octopus card with student status. Customer Service Assistant Mak Mei-hing, who had learned sign language, took the initiative and approached the counter to offer assistance. Being able to use her skills to help a passenger with special needs was deeply satisfying for Mak Mei-hing.


Nai Wai Stop

Acting immediately to ease traffic
Serving passengers should not be restricted by time or place. In April, a road traffic accident disrupted the Light Rail service in Nai Wai Stop. An off-duty Ticket Inspection Operator from the Kwun Tong Line, Li Yui-keung was walking by at the time. Although not a Light Rail employee, he contacted the staff on duty to offer assistance. Assisting passengers queue for a feeder bus at Nai Wai stop, he patiently answered their questions, and helped them continue their journey with minimum delay.


Kowloon Canton Railway Through Train

Watching carefully to assist passengers in need
To ensure passengers enjoy a pleasant journey, our staff pay close attention to every detail along the way. During a routine in-train inspection, Train Attendant Chan Siu-ki noticed that a passenger was suffering from toothache. She immediately brought him a can of cold soft drink wrapped in a towel to ease the pain. In addition, she also wrote a note for him saying, "I have toothache and want to buy painkillers" so that on getting off the train he could buy medication without having to speak.


Sha Tin Station

Empathizing with passengers to provide the right assistance
The needs of each passenger are different, and every MTR staff strives to offer them appropriate assistance. A Mainland passenger became separated from her friends in Sha Tin Station. Unfamiliar with her surroundings and not carrying a mobile phone, she became distressed and worried. When Shift Station Master Poon Ka-kok learned of her plight, he offered his own mobile phone enabling her to contact her friends and quickly rejoin them.


Heng On Station

Feeling another's distress
Teamwork is key to providing service. A six-year-old boy became lost in Heng On station. His seven-year-old brother anxiously reported the situation to our staff in the Station Customer Service Centre. Station Officers Cheung Chi-wai and Choi Yee-man immediately informed Station Control Officer Yuen King-wai who made a series of announcements and instructed other staff to inspect the concourse and platform. The younger boy was eventually found on the platform. Our staff were very gratified to see the boys hug and cry with delight on being reunited.


Tsuen Wan Station

Acting immediately to save lives
Promptly taking the right action can greatly minimize the impact of a crisis. A man was lying unconscious on the pavement near the exit of the Tsuen Wan Station after suffering a heart attack. Station Officer Lee Ka-yau, and qualified first aiders Shift Station Master Chan Ka-ching and Station Control Officer Chan Kwok-wah immediately responded to this emergency by using the station's automated external defibrillator (AED) until the ambulance arrived.


Wong Tai Sin Station

Acting promptly to find a lost child
Offering immediate assistance to passengers in need is an essential part of our service. A passenger who had become separated from her son in Wong Tai Sin Station was growing increasingly worried. Station Officer Wai Pak-kuen comforted and calmed the passenger while relaying details of the boy to other station staff. The missing child was soon located. Wai Pak-kuen was delighted to help reunite the mother with her son.


Airport Express

Recovering a diamond ring through being vigilant
Being scrupulously honest and ever vigilant are central to our service culture. Airport Express Train Captain Lui Shing-kin always carefully inspects every train compartment when the train is being turned around at the terminus. On one such occasion at the AsiaWorld-Expo Station, he discovered a diamond ring that had been left on one of the seats. He immediately reported this to the Traffic Controller and handed the ring to station staff, ensuring that the ring and its owner could be quickly reunited.


Tung Chung and Hong Kong Station

Collaborating closely to offer effective help
Close teamwork and cooperation are critical to help passengers in need. When traveling on the Tung Chung Line, an 81-year-old lady became separated from her daughter. When the daughter sought help, Hong Kong Station Officer Leung Chi-ming immediately contacted Tung Chung Station Officer Law Chun-fai for assistance. The mother was quickly found on the Tung Chung Station platform and reunited with her daughter. The elderly lady was so impressed that she wrote a poem to Law Chun-fai to express her gratitude.