Posted July 2010

Cause of Impact

The furthest southerly point in Clear Water Bay Country Park has ridge views over the temporary magazine site. Receivers are few in number, occasional in visiting habit and short in duration of visit. Alternative views abound. The sensitivity is considered Low.

Close passing boats in Joss House Bay (Tai Mui Wan) are able to view the temporary magazine site. Tit Cham Chau however restricts the field of view considerably. The scale of the view in Joss House Bay and the Tat Hong Channel means that views to the works areas form an extremely small percentage of the view. Receivers are occasional and the views are of short duration. Sensitivity in this location is considered Low.

There is minimal change to the site condition intended other than the erection of storage units, blast shields and security fencing. The 19 self seeded trees located within the works area will need to be removed. A Tree Removal Application will be submitted for approval in accordance with ETWB TCW No. 3/2006.

Proposed Remedies

In order to minimize landscape and visual impacts during construction, the following remedies will be applied:

  • Tree transplantation;
  • Erection of decorative hoardings;
  • Control of night-time lighting glare; and
  • Compensatory tree planting.


Potential impacts are caused from temporary works sites at the TKO magazine site and no significant adverse residual impacts to Landscape Character or VSRs are generated.

Disclaimer: The Technical Circular (ETWB TCW No. 13/2003) guides the parallel actions on gazetting and EIA process for the project. In handling any EIA-related inconsistencies that may arise due to amendments to the gazetted scheme, MTR Corporation would follow the guidelines and requirements of Section 13 and Section 10 (1) of the EIAO in the EIA processing.