Posted July 2010

Yau Ma Tei Running Tunnels

From the interface with the existing YMT Station, the two single bores curve beneath Gascoigne Road. They continue beneath recreational land areas of the India Club, the YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre and the Club de Recreio, where the Wylie Road Ancillary Building (WAB) is located at the existing tennis courts. The tunnel depth is approximate 25-40 m below ground along this section. Drill & blast (D&B) under close supervision by the Contractor and construction management team is envisaged to be the preferred excavation technique because of the variations in shape and geometry of the tunnels. Excavated spoil will be mainly mucked-out from the access shaft at the proposed WAB and carted away to the barging point for disposal.

As it is necessary to modify KTL cable tunnel without disruption to the operating railway, a temporary works site is proposed at Gascoigne Road Rest Garden so that the existing Gascoigne Road Traction Substation (GAR) within the garden will be used as the access to the cable tunnel for the modification works. The GAR rest garden will also serve as a mucking out for the tunneling works.

Disclaimer: The Technical Circular (ETWB TCW No. 13/2003) guides the parallel actions on gazetting and EIA process for the project. In handling any EIA-related inconsistencies that may arise due to amendments to the gazetted scheme, MTR Corporation would follow the guidelines and requirements of Section 13 and Section 10 (1) of the EIAO in the EIA processing.