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Posted November 2011

Project Description

The Shatin to Central Link – Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section [SCL (TAW-HUH)] is one of the five Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies which have been conducted to cover different sections of the SCL.

The SCL (TAW-HUH) is an approximately 11km long extension of the Ma On Shan Line (MOL) from Tai Wai through new stations, including Hin Keng Station (HIK), Diamond Hill Station (DIH), Kai Tak Station (KAT), To Kwa Wan Station (TKW), Ma Tau Wai Station (MTW), Ho Man Tin Station (HOM) and connects the West Rail Line at Hung Hom Station (HUH), along with a proposed stabling sidings in Diamond Hill (DHS). Most of the sections would be underground except for a section at Hin Keng, and another section at Hung Hom, where the alignments need to be raised and linked with the Ma On Shan Line and the West Rail Line respectively to form a strategic east-west rail corridor. The underground sections of the alignment would be constructed by various construction methods including drill-and-blast, cut-&-cover, bored tunnelling, and mined method. Open cut/ cut-&-cover method will be employed for the tunnel portals at Hin Keng and Hung Hom North Fan area, and most of the stations and ventilation building structures, etc. The ultimate suitability of using either the DHS or HHS (stabling sidings at the former Hung Hom Freight Yard) or a combination of both sites for train stabling would be subject to the findings of detailed engineering and EIA studies.

In addition to the temporary works sites in the vicinity of the tunnel and station structures, there are some off-site temporary works areas to facilitate the construction process. Key sites will be located at Kai Tak Runway, Freight Pier at Hung Hom and Tseung Kwan O Area 137.

The SCL (TAW-HUH) will also form an important part of the proposed Kai Tak Development, providing mass transit service not only to the proposed new commercial and residential developments in the area, but also the Multi-Purpose Stadium Complex and other leisure facilities planned at Kai Tak.

According to updated information, SCL is targeted to commence construction in 2012.

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